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The Top 5 Best Sports In Cleveland

One of the reasons that makes people so passionate about sports is the excitement, the drive, and the cheering mindset towards the success of local teams. Moreover, big arenas and stadiums can accommodate as many as 10,000 people or more, who share the same passion and spirit for as long as the match lasts, or sometimes even for a lifetime.

Some sports are more popular than others, and the crowds have their preferences. In Cleveland, OH, sports are very important as the people of Cleveland are incredibly passionate about the teams they like and championships that lie ahead. expects that this passion will translate to fans backing their team financially next season, with Ohio legalizing sports betting at last.

If you ask the people of Cleveland which sports are the most popular ones in town, you’ll easily come up with this list:

1. Football Is The Number One Sport

Football, or American Football, as it’s called in the rest of the world, is most probably the number one favorite sport in the state of Ohio and the city of Cleveland. The people in Cleveland consider the NFL an important part of their lives, and they cherish the Cleveland Browns. It’s undoubtedly one of the most-watched sports games on TVs across the entire state of Ohio. 

An interesting fact is that American football has evolved from a European game known as rugby football. Although the rules are somewhat different and the game itself resembles original rugby football, American football is unique and the most favorite American sport ever.

2. Baseball Has Always Been The Most Played Sport In Cleveland

The most popular baseball teams from Ohio are the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians, or Tribe as people call them. People in Cleveland have a strong connection to baseball. It’s the second most popular sport in Cleveland, as well as across the US. This sport allows spectators to enjoy the game, but also to relax and enjoy time spent with their family or friends.

Stadiums are usually fully packed with visitors that prefer having soft drinks or beers along with tasty food like hotdogs, chicken wings, and many other treats. These are some of the things people cherish about baseball the most.

However, baseball is not all about gathering and feasting, since the game itself is quite interesting as well. Each match lasts for at least three hours. And while it’s quite long, it’s never boring at all.

3. Golf Is Quite Popular In Ohio

Although not as popular as football or basketball, golf is yet another popular sport in Ohio. If you’re not familiar with golf essentials and equipment, CherrywoodGolfClub has everything you need to know. There are several golf courses in Rocky River Valley, including the Mastick Woods Golf Course. Mastick Woods is a quite popular golf course in Cleveland that frequently hosts numerous great golf tournaments. 

Some of the greatest golf stars like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, primarily known as the greatest NBA player of all time, are the reason why this sport became such a massive hit in recent years. Michael stated that playing golf requires a lot of focus and patience, but the technique is also incredibly important if you wish to become the true master of this sport.

4. The Cleveland Cavaliers And Basketball Are Something Everyone Talks About 

When it comes to the NBA league in Ohio, the Cleveland Cavaliers is a hot topic in this state. If you’ve never visited an NBA league game, you’ve missed a lot. Watching the Cleveland Cavaliers live at their Rocket Mortgage Field House arena is a unique experience filled with lots of excitement, action, turnovers, and the like.

The Cleveland Cavaliers jumped to a much higher position on the NBA table in recent years, which puts them among the best NBA teams. They made it to 22 playoffs and won seven Central Division titles, including one NBA title. LeBron James was a Cleveland Cavaliers team leader in 2014, and he led the team to four straight NBA finals.

5. Ice Hockey Is Worth Mentioning

Ice hockey is probably the toughest and dirtiest sport among them all. It’s quite popular among Ohio residents, especially in Cleveland. Cleveland’s most significant ice hockey team is called the Cleveland Monsters, and they play professional hockey in the American Hockey League.

People who enjoy watching hockey know that they’re in for big games. Hockey players are quite tough, and matches can look pretty scary since ice hockey rules allow direct contact. Watching how players run the pucks with their hockey sticks trying to score a goal while fighting their way through the opposing team is a pretty exciting experience for spectators.

Wrapping Up

Some sports are more popular than others, but all of them have their audience. Watching your favorite team live and cheering for the win is what gives you all the excitement. Although downfalls tend to happen, it gives the audience a reason to stand behind their favorite teams and help them reach better results in the future.


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