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WWE WrestleMania 34 Hot Takes

Match  Result  Reaction 
Alexa Bliss Bliss vs Nia Jax Nia Jax Jax with the biggest win of her career. Bliss did her best to carry this match and deserves the title back.
Andre Battle Royal Matt Hardy I have to wonder if this spot was originally slated for Jeff Hardy before the injury.
Womens Battle Royal Naomi My four and a half year daughter loved this booking decision. Not too many others did.
Raw Tag Title Match Braun Strowman  One of the dumbest things in WrestleMania history as WWE showed no respect for The Bar.
Does Undertaker Appear? YES The Undertaker squashing John Cena is a perfect way to set up Career vs Career next year.
Smackdown Tag Title Bludgeon Brothers Didn’t see that coming, but fresh blood is much needed in the Smackdown Title Picture.
RAW IC Title Match Seth Rollins He is really good at what he does.  Loaded matches ahead for him that will continue to excel
Asuka vs Charlotte Charlotte The best women’s match in Pro Wrestling History had the proper ending. Streaks end in NOLA
Angle & Rousey vs The Authority Angle & Rousey It was booked perfectly, protecting Rousey and saving her for high spots. Much better then expected
Mustafa Ali vs Cedric Alexander Cedric Alexander 205 Live needed a fresh start, and this was a perfect one. Only one direction to go from here. UP!
AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura Aj Styles Styles shined in a match that simply didn’t live up to the hype. A Shinsuke heel turn should be good.
United States Title Four Way Jinder Mahal The Smackdown creative teams loves Jinder Mahal. This move does not surprise me.
Bryan & Shane vs Owens & Zayn Bryan & Shane Daniel Bryan now 3-0 in the Superdome in big matches.  A run at Styles would be epic.
Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar A great ending as Super Man Reigns gets pinned to the delight of 78k in attendance.


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