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Cavs: What Happens Now?

Cavs what
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Cleveland Oh. – The Cavs season is now over after losing in five games to the Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. The Cavs played the entire series without Jarrett Allen, and the last two games without Donovan Mitchell. While the Cavs were competitive, this offseason is filled with questions that can shape the future of the Cavs for the next few seasons. What is Mitchell going to do? Do you entertain trading Darius Garland, Allen, Isaac Okoro? What about Head Coach JB Bickerstaff? Team President Koby Altman? Let’s just take a look at some options. 

Donovan Mitchell

Photo by Charles Murray

At the end of the day, Mitchell holds the cards to his future. If he decides he is going to not sign an extension, the Cavs will have to do their due diligence and get the best deal they can for him. There are reports of teams lining up to acquire Mitchell, but I believe the Cavs and Mitchell would work together on getting him to a destination he would like to go to, while also would help the Cavs. There are several teams that could use Mitchell, But would they have the package to entice the Cavs? 


Darius Garland/Jarrett Allen

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Starting with Garland, the point guard has had an up and down season. He is often injured, and when he has played, the fit isn’t seamless with him and Mitchell. Could the two of them work? ABSOLUTLEY! But in the two years they have been the backcourt, it just hasn’t really fit. Garland and Mitchell need the ball in their hands, and neither is the knockdown shooter you would want to just spot up and bomb away. This isn’t to say that this can’t work, just that there seems to be too much my turn your turn and the guy without the ball is just standing waiting. The Cavs will have to really see what the market is for Garland if Mitchell resigns. 

Photo by Charles Murray

Jarrett Allen is a different case. While he may be the most tradeable player on the Cavs, he was also the most consistent outside of Mitchell. Until a rib injury kept him out of the final seven games of the playoffs, Allen was raved about by coaches and players. Trading Allen would need to bring back a haul that I don’t know if teams would be willing to do. Allen is not a traditional center, but he fits the NBA mold. The guy is reliable and plays the right way. I do not think the Cavs want to trade him, BUT…. 


Evan Mobley

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The Cavs have to find a way to play Mobley at the 5. It’s clear that’s what he is. Playing Mobley at the 5 means no Jarrett Allen, but at this point, we know what Mobley is and is not. Going into next season, the Cavs need to play with one big. During their NBA best run in January, they played with one big and one guard. Put three shooters around them, and they were dynamic. That is how the Cavs need to play. There is no getting around that any longer. Mobley is younger and has more upside at this point in their careers. 


JB Bickerstaff

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Personally, I like coach. I think this season has been a struggle. The Cavs had injuries from the start of the season. Literally, the season started with injuries, and was marred at the end with injuries. With that said, there should be SOME grace for JB. Fans want him gone. I understand. But it’s not a JB problem. And also, who is out there that can, or should be getting the look for the Cavs? You want to roll the dice with a young coach who has no experience? Or get a coach who has been around the league, and it hasn’t worked in other stops? JB has done the best he could with what he has been dealt. Are there things he could have done better? YES! But make no mistake, the Cavs needed his calming nature this season. In the coming days, we will see what the Cavs decide on JB, but I would not be shocked if he is brought back.

The bottom line is the Cavs, no matter which direction they decide to go in, have paths forward. The cupboard isn’t bare. If Mitchell decides to play elsewhere, you will get players that are usable. You *shouldn’t* go into a frenzy. Cleveland has a lot to look forward to. Yes, this season was full of ups and downs, but the Cavs have a future. And it starts now. 



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