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The Top Ten Baseball Movies Of All Time

the natural

9 – The Natural. This 1984 tear jerker focuses on a young Roy Hobbes (Robert Redford) who’s happiest times were playing ball with his father before he dies, collapsing from a fatal heart attack near a tree that would also later be struck by lightning. Hobbes decides takes pieces of the tree and make it into a bat, which he dubs “Wonderboy”, even carving a lightning bolt into the bat. Hobbes eventually makes it to the big leagues and performs well. He fights off heavy hitters and corrupt judges along the way until the exciting climax that see’s him hit a homer into the lights on top of the right field stands, which wins the pennant for the fictional New York Nights.

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  1. Maria

    March 31, 2016 at 7:13 am

    I have all his books Bince gets the story told and facts are dead on truth . As a women I have learn a lot about sports just reading his book his books are well written they keep your interest right down to the last word on the last page A can’t put down books till you read them to the endy favorite is HERO really could Neva movie that would make the top ten movies , can’t wait to read he’s Live To Inspire coming in June. Vince thanks for giving good books to read your parents must be awful proud of you .

  2. Chris

    April 1, 2016 at 11:13 am

    There is a movie that they used to run every April on Channel 43 called “It Happens Every Spring.” It was made in 1949, and it stars Ray Milland as a nerdy chemistry professor who is obsessed with baseball, and he accidentally discovers a chemical compound that makes any object the compound touches repel wood. So he becomes a pitcher, loads up the ball with the compound on every pitch, and no one can get a hit off of him, and he becomes a sensation.

    It’s a fun movie with not-bad-for-1949 special effects, and is quite enjoyable if you don’t think about the plot gaps too hard.   That movie belongs on this list.

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