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Why Online Sports Betting Has Taken Off In The US

Despite the country’s sheer geographical size, the USA is still a relatively new player when it comes down to the online sports betting scene.

New legislation will have helped increase appeal

Of course, only a handful of different states have already passed legislation to allow the betting activity to take place within their state borders, although there are many others who have looked to put forward bills to permit sports betting in the near future.

This can be considered to be one of the main reasons as to why the online sports betting market has started to take off in the country. As it is something that is new and legal, many will be interested in participating in this activity to see if they have what it takes to gamble successfully, whilst others will simply be intrigued at what it entails and how it may work for them.

The time we live in will have contributed

Online sports betting may also be popular now because of the times we currently live in. Long gone are the number of traditional physical casino establishments – unless you are in Las Vegas or Atlantic City – with many seeming to prefer to bet from the comfort of their own homes.

However, the fact that is it new may not be the only major reason as to why it is as popular in the US at the moment.

Mobile technology has to be the overriding factor

Mobile technology – and perhaps more specifically – such as smartphones and tablets have emerged into the market over the last decade or so and have become easily accessible to many in the country. Although the very first versions of these devices were considered to be rather expensive, the technology available these days has meant that they have become considerably cheaper.

Indeed, with the rise of smartphones and technology, online sports betting operators have worked hard to provide punters with a way that makes betting as easy as possible. Applications and mobile-optimized websites were the way forward for many of them.

All bettors would need to do is to download their app and start placing their bets from within the designated area without having to go on a wild search chase using search engine services such as Google. This meant punters would save time and would be able to make a bet quicker than ever before, including bettors who loves a free no deposit bonus where available.

Technology continues to play a role today, with the emergence of new mobile internet connections appearing to be created every other year. It was not long ago before smartphones were able to connect to the internet via 3G, but many of them are now able to access the more powerful 5G that is available in many areas of the US.

The strong connections allow players to place bets from wherever they can get connected, which has only seen sportsbooks be in a position to offer a number of different markets as well, such as in-play betting. Using mobile data has also gotten cheaper in recent years, with many phone providers giving their customers a certain amount of data in their contracts.

Technology has also helped to provide another reason as to why sports betting has taken off in the USA; the sheer convenience it offers. Bettors no longer need to be sat at a desktop or a laptop to complete their sports bets, as they are now able to use their smartphones and tablets from the palm of their hands and place bets wherever they are in the world.

Mobile payments are now easier to make and with a wide array of options available, it has become safer to use when using a mobile device. Online sportsbooks have made their apps incredibly easy to use and include all the main features that their traditional website requires, therefore punters are able to do everything they wish with a mobile, thus further enhancing the appeal of online sports betting.


Of course, there are a number of different factors which can explain why online sports betting has seen the amount of growth it has had in the US, although it would be easy to make an argument that technology has been an overriding factor.

With everyone looking for convenience in their lives, whilst others want to look to further enhance their sports viewing with a newly legal theme, there will be a number of reasons as to why it is popular, but the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone will likely be at the top of the list.

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1 Comment

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