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Three Takeaways From WWE Backlash

2 – The show ran far too late

This isn’t WrestleMania, the show should not end at 11:42 EST.  Simply put, when the WWE Heavyweight Championship Match didn’t start until 10:30, with two matches to come after that, we all knew we were in trouble.  Any of the non top four (Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, WrestleMania or Summerslam) cards should be no longer then the standard 3 hours.  If people are complaining about WrestleMania going too long, you can bet they are not going to be happy about Backlash burning the midnight oil either.

3 – The show did nothing to advance anyone who needed it

Tonight would have been a perfect chance to greatly help the pushes of several superstars.  Men like Samoa Joe, Big Cass, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn could have greatly benefited from big wins tonight.  Sadly, the booking remained predictable and the did some serious damage to those who needed help.

Not only did those 4 men get crushed tonight, but in a way so did AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura by once again not going on last.  They were battling over “the title”, how in the world do they not main event a show Brock Lesnar is not on?  By putting Roman Reigns over in the main event, and not allowing Nakamura and Styles to close the show, proves again WWE Creative is not listening to their WWE Universe of fans.

Samoa Joe needed that win tonight.  It would have started off this latest run with a ton of momentum and made him the new biggest face on Smackdown.  Instead, they had him lose a pointless match to a guy he won’t see again for another year.  The match did nothing to advance Roman Reigns, but it sure did a lot to squash Joe.

Speaking of squashing people, Big Cass looks about as dangerous as a puppy dog right now.  He is seven feet tall, injury free and in the prime of his career.  Yet, he just got defeated by someone  a foot shorter, and rusty.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Daniel Bryan and consider him one of the greatest ever, but he didn’t need the win tonight, Cass badly did.  I’ll repeat myself, the match did nothing to advance Daniel Bryan, but it sure did a lot to squash Big Cass.

Who believes Bobby Lashley and Braun Strowman are going to continue to team up and destroy the entire Tag Team Division?  Exactly, nobody thinks that!  Even if this isn’t a one off night, neither man would be best used in the Tag Team Division and the WWE knows that.  A win tonight for them means nothing at all.  KO and Sami Zayn have been working their butts off since coming to NXT.  This loss was another low blow to a couple of guys who deserve a much better fate then they are getting.










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