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WWE SUMMERSLAM 2011 Revolved around one competitor and storyline that literally shook the WWE to it’s core in the summer of 2011 and resulted in more change than anyone could have ever thought possible!

CM Punk delivered and epic “Pipe Bomb” shoot promo earlier in the summer about how he was held down for years while guys like Cena, The Rock and Hulk Hogan were always given the spotlight.
He was right, he had gotten over every angle they gave him, but it never seemed to matter. He spoke about real backstage issues and even mentioned current and former employee’s he had beef with. He also announced himself as a Paul Heyman guy.

It was one of the best promo’s, if not the best in WWE History. It set the stage for him to win the WWE Title at Money in the Bank against John Cena, then promptly leave the company with the belt.

The WWE then went through with the charade of naming a new champion to replace Punk, which of course was Cena. Punk would return, setting up the Summerslam Winner take all clash.

Things got weird quickly as special guest ref HHH missed Cena’s foot being on the rope, and counted him out for three, giving Punk the title. CM wouldn’t have much time to celebrate however, as the returning out of nowhere Kevin Knash shows up and power bombs Punk trough the ring and walks away.

Meanwhile, Alberto Del Rio shows up and cashed in his MITB briefcase on Punk, to become the new WWE champion.

Yep, can’t make this kind of drama up.

Great Summerslam capped off by a memorable finish.

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