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10 Take Aways From WWE Monday Night Raw

2 – The mystery angles are really starting to get people interested.  No one can resist a who done it, can they?  Adding to the intrigue of the first segment that ended up being 3 segments long, announcer Cory Graves gets a strange text message that totally takes away his attention, it also leads to him walking off the set.  When we come back from commercial, Graves is showing Angle his phone and it appears the messages are degrading towards Angle.  The mystery being, no one explains who sent the message, and why Graves was chosen to receive them.  An interesting twist for sure to get an announcer involved. 

3 – Elias Sampson has a creepy Maxx Payne and Waylon Mercy quality to him.  The difference between them and Sampson is that he actually has talent in the ring.  If anything, he reminds me in a small way of Bray Wyatt because he is young, athletic, mysterious and even has a Wyatt style look to him.  The squash matches will help get him over, but he needs to look strong in whatever his first real feud he is.  Perhaps a new version of the Wyatt Family will include him?


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Steve Pajk

    May 30, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    I agree Vince. It was nice to see the old Goldust (literally and figuratively) turning heel again. I actually think a feud with R-Truth may be a good thing. If you would of asked me this before, I would of asked you to get your head examined. Goldust and his “Shattered Dreams” production could be very interesting if done right.

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