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Munch Musings from E. 53rd St. and Hamm Avenue Guardians Edition

The week that was and it was a pretty good one at that. I’ll include the Yankees series in this Musings too. Let’s get the scolding out of the way first then we will “Sports Rock” out in a big way.

All last weekend the New York Yankees were in town to play the Cleveland Guardians in a 3-game series. Friday night’s game was rained out, so we had a double header Saturday and an afternoon game Sunday. One thing was obvious…Clevelanders let it be known that they have a huge disdain for YANKEES fans. There’s too many of them at the game, their “Let’s go Yankees” chat is like nails on a chalkboard and they are boisterous. Now this puzzles me and here’s why Guardians  fans and it is such an easy solution…COME TO THE FREAKIN’ GAMES SO THERE ARE LESS YANKEES FANS. Dang, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can figure this one out. STOP YOUR KVETCHING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! You wanna talk the talk…then walk the walk! CHEER LOUDER and it should not be a problem to drown out the Pinstripe faithful when there are so many more of us! One mo’…Sundays tremendous refuse to lose, this team does not quit, brothers getting each other’s backs VICTORY in 10 innings was so special. After NY plated 2 runs in the 10th the Good Guys came back with 3 to win it but now, I must call many of you to task again! Why did many, too many, of you leave after the top of the 10th? Beat the traffic? My gosh, YOU turned it into a Yanks crowd for the bottom of the 10th. We need to have some pride people, and again stop complaining when YOU are the biggest part of the problem!

So last Saturday the Cleveland Guardians were swept Saturday 3-2 and 8-2 but there were two big stories. In Game 1 Cookie Carrasco gave the team a chance to win. In the 6th Nick Sandlin brought the gas can instead of the fire hose out of the bullpen giving up a 2-run shot and my problem with Carlos was again the control. 2 K’s and 5 walks in 4.2 is just not acceptable. I did say he gave them a chance to win but all those walks not only put men on base (Call me CAPT. OBVIOUS) but add to the pitch count! In Game 2 Triston McKenzie took the hill and he did NOT give his guys a chance to win. In 4 innings he surrendered 6 runs BUT THE MONSTER UNDER THE BED AGAIN (still?) is walks. In 4 IP Dr. Sticks struck out 1 and walked 6! SIX!1 SMH! Stop it!

Sunday was beautiful as the team never gave up (like the “fans”) and the Guards, as noted above, scored 3 in the bottom of the10th to come away with an 8-7 W! On to Boston!

The Guardians went 3-1 in Beantown against a “not very good Bosox team.” Yeah, this makes me laugh as Boston fans are the worst (yes worse than NY faithful) and this made it all the more fun! Cleveland got stellar starts from Xzavion Curry, Tanner Bibee, Ben Lively and another “Give the team a shot to win” performance from Cookie Carrasco. FUN TIMES.

Now the A’s ((Triple A’s) come in for 3 starting tonight (Friday) with games 7:10p., 6:10p (Saturday) and 1:40p (Sunday). This team is fun to watch playing the “Cleveland Brand” of baseball. Run hard to first, out pressure on the other team when you get on base and field the ball. I’ll be a knucklehead here and say, “You got the last part Will Brennan?” Yeah, he butchered 2 doubles last weekend vs the Yanks. After the Athletics, the Red Sox are in Tuesday and Wednesday (6:10p) then the ever popular Thursday afternoon game  at 1:10p!

I will note that a few gents (Arias and Brennan) bats rose up from the ashes (along with Florial’s) and I am curious that just maybe the former gents saw Columbus in their near future!

Looking forward to seeing you, meeting you and greeting you at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario this weekend and all season long!

Read more of my musings and thoughts plus “All Good” narratives at and yes indeed #MunchOnSports is powered by Ganley Chevy Of Aurora and the Ken Ganley Automotive Group.
Please take care of each other and it’s your world, pay attention. Always enjoy every sandwich and for now ADIOS AMIGO, long may you run.

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