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Why Do Professional Athletes Keep Blogs?

Blogging has become a popular form of communication, not only among common social media users but professional athletes as well. Plenty of athletes strive to gain a large online following by posting videos or making blogs about their lives, competitions, training sessions, etc. However, why do busy athletes spend so much time blogging? Let’s find out!

To spread the word

Most people use their online platforms to influence other people. It’s literally the job of many bloggers. Athletes can do the same. Many of them blog to spread the word about their sports, competitions, training sessions, lifestyles, etc. So, in that sense, professional athletes pursue the same purposes as all other bloggers out there. They just want to show their life lessons and inspire people.

Fortunately, athletes have a lot of great lessons to tell us. For example, they can share exercise tips, dietary hacks, training routines, and much more. Moreover, athletes can encourage people to follow their steps and pursue personal sports ambitions. Hence, they can influence people to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle by just spreading the word online. In this sense, blogging can be a powerful tool in influencing young people to follow professional athletes’ steps.

To show what it’s like

We don’t see or hear much about professional sports besides competitions or tournaments. Most of the work happens outside those events. In fact, 95% of an athlete’s job is preparation for those several hours of competition. Yet, we don’t see that work on TV or in news outlets. Thankfully, athletes can give us a fuller picture of what is happening before each match. They give us information that we won’t receive anywhere else.

They know how much people miss or don’t understand their sports and are willing to spill all the beans. Now, readers can go behind the curtains, so to speak. Not only can we learn this news first-hand, but we can also feel like being a part of it too. We can follow athletes backstage at all competitions, see our favorite athletes interact with each other, or get ready to perform their routines.

Blogging athletes know that by sharing all the nuances of their sports as well as some juicy details, people will grow more fond of this world. The more you know and understand something, the more you are drawn to it. Many students are willing to pay research paper services to learn about the underbelly of professional sports. Yet, these bloggers are happy to share all that information for free as they are certain of the benefit of spreading such information.

To gain bigger following

In this digital age, online following and exposure mean a lot. For example, by gaining a bigger fanbase, athletes can draw the attention of potential sponsors. Thus, they will have more support in their professional career. Of course, most high-ranked professional athletes don’t need blogs to create a bigger exposure. Sports channels and news will do that job for them. Besides, many sports already have an influential and extensive fanbase.

However, lesser-known fields and regional sports will only benefit from online star athletes. So, such bloggers can draw greater attention to the new sports branch or local teams. Such attention to their blog will also result in the growing popularity of their sport. It can mean more investment, bigger monetary prizes, more advertisement, mature competition levels, etc. Hence, in such a situation, becoming a successful blogger can benefit the entire industry.


Of course, a popular blog can also be an additional source of income. Thus, athletes can receive advertisements or sponsor proposals. Bloggers place certain posts online and receive good compensation for their efforts. It’s a good deal and a perfect side hustle. It’s quite common for professional athletes-bloggers to become the online representation of sports clothes brands, wellness products, healthy food lines, etc.

They can advertise those products, receive free samples and supplies, or post allow advertising and sponsored posts on their blogs. In addition, various revenue strategies are created by different blogging platforms and search engines, such as Google. So, a blog with a large following can secure athletes a solid and stable income.

Why wouldn’t they?

Blogging is fun, engaging, and easy (most times). So why wouldn’t athletes try it? It can be a great self-reflection on their days as professional sportsmen. They can keep track of their progress, lessons, and thoughts during the training or competition. It can also be their platform for communication with the fans and the world. Hence, they always have a place to make their own statements and share opinions.

In addition, blogging is a great writing exercise. First, it’s a perfect tool for working on expressing thoughts and ideas. Second, it can be a great mediation and relaxing tool. The world of professional athletes is tough and stressful. It’s nice to have one realm where they can slow down and follow the flow of their thoughts without pushing or working too hard.

Finally, it can be a great practice for book writing. For example, many professional athletes publish books about their careers, personal life, or professional achievements after retirement. So, having a blog will help them sell their book and teach them how to write and what their audience love to read.

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