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Opinion: Three Reasons Why Kyrie Irving Is Right To Be Upset


Kyrie Irving stayed faithful to Cleveland with no guarantee it would ever get better!

How quickly we all forget that Kyrie Irving signed a multi year deal to stay with the Cavaliers back in the Summer of 2014. He did so with little drama, little fan fare and almost instantly.  He was loyal to the city, loyal to the fans and loyal to Dan Gilbert.

At that time, the Cavaliers had just fired Mike Brown, were going to go with a NBA rookie head coach in David Blatt, and for the most part, had little to no supporting cast for Irving.  He could have went anywhere and made life pure hell for the Cavaliers to match an offer to keep him.  He didn’t, he stayed.

At that time he was the face of the franchise, and their best player.  As mentioned, Kevin Love, LeBron James and pretty much no one else of note were around to help him.  How quickly we forget that?

Only a month later LeBron came back to the team with GIGANTIC fan fare.  Someone even wrote a book about James’ return.

And yet while LeBron seemed like a  Hero, no one seemed to remember that if Kyrie Irving didn’t resign with the Cavs, there is absolutely no chance James would have returned to Cleveland.  Despite what has been said, no chance!

While LeBron James spit on the city with his disgraceful “decision” back in 2010.  Kyrie Irving lifted the city on his shoulders and was prepared to lead them out of the dungeon of dismay.  How quickly we all forget?

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  1. William naismith

    July 22, 2017 at 12:48 am

    You have nothing but negative pessimistic statements about James as if you have some personal animosity towards the guy. He has been very conscious of the duration of contracts and being noncommital not only with the Cavaliers but Miami Heat as well. He helped bring Jeff Green and worked to entice jamal crawford yet management was recalcitrant.
    James is very well documented as he is a tireless worker true to his profession marvelously conditioned yet his uncertainty or apprehension of a long term contractual committment is one of his traits that is part of what motivates and drives him to greatness. Signing a long term deal may cause him to become complacent and lacksidasicalinstead of new challenges he seeks to keep him sharp efficient and motivated to succeed.

    • Jeff

      July 24, 2017 at 9:29 am

      You also forget that LeBron’s the reason that this team is in salary cap hell. They shelled out above-market prices to keep guys who were also his clients to keep him happy.

      Facts can be a heck of a thing. Crawford didn’t sign here because of “management.” Crawford went elsewhere because he could get more than he could get here, period, because this team is strapped for cash.

      Cavs management needs to sit both players down individually, starting with LeBron – if he won’t commit long-term, then they need to go public with that news, then sit down with Kyrie, explain that there’s one more year of this stupid childish drama to endure, and they’ll build around him.

  2. Joe

    July 22, 2017 at 5:48 am

    Lebron can’t be traded he has a no trade clause in his contract

  3. George Thayer

    July 22, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    Joe, Melo can’t be traded as he has a no trade clause in his contract. See how that works?

    btw to William, I’d say this article is very good as it sheds light on issues that no others are talking about. I don’t know the author, but I at least read the article and make a determination that there’s at least the possibility this is true. He does state facts about Kyrie that most if not all the talking heads have missed so far.

    To your point, James has been the best player on the planet, works extremely hard to be in great condition, but the thing about why he does it so he doesn’t get lazy is strange at best.

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