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Greatest Wins in Cleveland Indians History

The Cleveland Indians have a rich and intriguing history as a Major League club, and although they have not won a World Series title in over 70 years, they have still secured significant and surprising victories in the time since they were established all the way back in 1894.

Here is a look at just a few of their most important wins, and the context in which they achieved them, to remind fans and rivals alike of why they are still worth watching today.

Extending a record-breaking win streak in 2017

Starting off with one of the more recent wins for the Indians, this game took place in September of 2017 when they faced off against the Detroit Tigers.

Having walked away victorious from the previous 20 games, the Indians were riding high on an exceptional run of form, and although the Tigers put up a brave fight and threatened to cause upset at a number of points, the eventual 5-3 score line was enough to push the home team to new heights.

2017 was also just a year before sports betting got the effective green light thanks to a Supreme Court ruling, meaning that this victory was historic for more than one reason.

Earning a place in the World Series in 1948

While the last time that the Indians took home a World Series trophy was shortly after the conclusion of the Second World War, the way that they earned the opportunity in the first place is arguably more interesting and memorable than their eventual showdown against the Boston Braves.

It was another Boston team, the Red Sox, who faced them in a tiebreak game to determine who would be deserving of conquering that particular season. On October 4 1948, the game got underway and was tied 1-1 for three innings, until Ken Keltner was able to hit a home run and get 3 players around the bases in one fell swoop.

The Red Sox never really recovered and the Indians managed to outplay them throughout, while remaining surprisingly spry and sprightly until the final seconds, when they finished the day 8-3 up.

Asserting themselves in the 1920 World Series

As well as winning in 1948, the only other World Series victory that the Cleveland Indians have to their name came 28 years earlier in 1920.

In this instance their opponents were the Brooklyn Dodgers and it was only in Game Five that the Indians really got into their groove and cemented their path to success.

Looking at the final 8-1 score line makes it seem like the Indians were dominant throughout, and while this is not strictly the case, they definitely managed to secure a commanding position during the first two innings, then Jim Bagby put the nail in Brooklyn’s coffin with a home run that secured three runs for his club.

Ushering in a new era in 1975

The progressive impact of the Cleveland Indians on MLB as a whole has been significant, and is typified by the first game of the 1975 season when Frank Robinson became the first African American to manage a side, while also still participating on the field as a player as well.

The Yankees were on the opposing side on that day in April, and it was not until the sixth inning that the Indians managed to claw into the lead, eventually going on to win the day. The season itself was not especially successful, but this initial victory was historically important and has had an enduring impact on the sport as a whole ever since.

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