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10 Things We “Think” We Know About The Muddled WWE Universal Title Picture

Ever since Brock Lesnar defeated Roman Reigns 8 days ago at WrestleMania, a lot of people have been wondering, what exactly is going on with the Beast Incarnate.  Rumors were running wild like Hulkamania that his contract was up and he was off to the UFC, taking Paul Heyman with him.

Well, it’s been a fast and furious 8 days since the shocking title retainment and a lot has leaked out as to what exactly happened, and what the decision was and why it was.  Including a post-match behind the scenes argument with Vince McMahon and his son Shane.  Here is what we know.

1.       Roman Reigns was booked and scheduled to win all the way up to Mania week.

2.       Everything switched when the crowd didn’t come around like the WWE hoped it would on the side of Reigns, despite how they kept booking him to be the underdog babyface.

3.       Brock Lesnar was indeed set to leave after Mania but resigned a brief 1 fight appearance for April 27th at the “Greatest Royal Rumble”.  He resigned only days before WrestleMania, effectively switching the booking.

4.       The post-match argument between the McMahon family and Brock Lesnar was a work and not a shoot.  It was scripted to go over on the “boys” in the hopes it would leak out like it did.  The point being, to bring Lesnar back one more time late summer at SummerSlam for a Shane vs Brock tussle.

5.       Roman Reigns will defeat Lesnar in their World Championship Cage Match at The Greatest Royal Rumble.  Lesnar will then leave to start training for his UFC return.

6.       Dana White and Lesnar have both confirmed that he will in fact fight the winner of this summer’s match between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier fight in July.

7.       If Lesnar does come back for SummerSlam against Shane, it will be a one-off event.

8.       Paul Heyman, despite rumors of leaving WWE, has not yet confirmed that, and I wouldn’t be shocked if he sticks around as mouthpiece for either Ronda Rousey or another high-profile name.

9.       WWE creative feels that the fans over seas are much more likely to cheer for Roman Reigns then the crowd in the states would have been, making the chances of Reigns winning the cage match in less then 5 minutes very possible in squash style.

10.   The first challenger for Reigns after Lesnar dropping the title to him will be Samoa Joe.

That is it for now, 10 things that clear a muddled up title picture.  Unless of course things change again, but the chances this time around are slim.  The only other possibility is Reigns losing again, Lesnar leaving until SummerSlam where they do battle one more time.  Reigns winning, then getting beat by whomever is the MITB winner at that time, thus continuing to establish Reigns as this sympathetic character. 

Chances are slim however that the WWE would saddle up more money to Lesnar just for that.  The smart money remains on Reigns winning the title at The Greatest Royal Rumble, Lesnar leaving for the UFC and the next step finally being taken.


Again, time will tell…..


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