WKNR 850 ESPN Cleveland Announces Changes; Jerod Cherry to work with Emmett Golden on Afternoon Drive Show

ESPN Cleveland WKNR 850 announced changes to its show schedule, as Aaron Goldhammer will move back to the morning show slot to rejoin Tony Rizzo on The Really Big Show, while Jerod Cherry and Matt Fontana move to the afternoon spot to join Emmett Golden from 3-5 pm.

The new show will be called “Emmett and Jerod” and reunites the pair from their days of hosting “3 Deep” together in 2013.


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7 Comments on "WKNR 850 ESPN Cleveland Announces Changes; Jerod Cherry to work with Emmett Golden on Afternoon Drive Show"

  1. Just noticed this as I haven’t been listening to the Golden Boys lately because Aaron Goldhammer has been really annoying as of late. Guess now I can tune in again now that he’s gone!

  2. Aaron Goldhammer is a total idiot and arrogant. I hated listening to him. He had no idea what Ohio is all about with football. I am very excited to be able to listen again in the afternoon.

  3. Well I guess that ends my listening to 850am. I would listen in to the RBS in the mornings but if Goldhammer is going back there I will not listen at all.

    • you hit it right on the head.as the saying goes,a little knowledge is a dangerous thing

    • you can add another one who has stop listening to RBS since mr.goldhammer has rejoined the show.many of my friends have stop listening too.who is the program director making these calls?is it mr.goldhammer ?

  4. Total dissatisfaction with RBS bringing back Aaron. Couldn’t listen when he was there before and surely not interested now that he’s back.

  5. Aaron is now on twice a Day? What brain trust thought that a good idea. He has become un-listenable. While he may be a decent behind the scenes guy, he is NOT an on-air personality;especially on sport talk. Get him outta the booth while you still have listeners. 92.3 is starting to be an option.

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