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Tyrod Taylor Talks to Media After OTAs

Tyrod Taylor talked to media following OTAs earlier today.  Taylor talked about how hard he’s been working to make this “his” team, “I have been here for about six weeks now with the full team – two weeks with the rookies being here – and it is definitely an ongoing process. At the same time, the more that you show leadership on the field, in the locker room, even in the weight room and just in the building, I think the easier it is that you grab everyone and let them know that you are the leader. It is an ongoing process. Understand, it is a new team with new teammates and new relationships that I am building with the coaching staff. I am working hard at it each and every day.”

Taylor went on to say he knew the Browns were very talented before being traded to Cleveland, “A very talented team. I knew that before coming here. Excited to play with a bunch of guys once I found out that I had been traded here, a group that is very talented, to make a bunch of big plays and win a bunch of big games if the mindset is right. That is what we are doing now. Changing the mindset and working hard each and every day.”

Taylor also praised Todd Haley’s offense, “I love it. It is a player-driven offense. I believe that we have the weapons and the talent on the offensive side of the ball to go out there and make explosive plays. If you look at the depth chart, there is talent at every position. It is our job to fine tune the execution part of it each and every day and go out and play winning football on Sundays.  It allows everyone to be free. It allows (WR) Jarvis (Landry) to do what he does best. It allows (WR) Josh (Gordon) to do what he does best. It allows (TEs) Seth (DeValve) and David (Njoku) to do what they do best. Even (TE) Darren Fells, it allows him to go out there and be a player in the red zone posting up. Of course, the running backs, putting them into situations where they can go out there and be themselves.”

Tyrod Taylor said he needs to keep improving his game to have the best season of his career, “Just continue improving in my game. Over the years in Buffalo, I definitely took steps ahead. I do not think I took steps backwards. This is a talented receiver group. I’m excited to play with these guys. It is my job to go out there and get them the ball for them to go out there and make plays. As far as me just being dynamic, using my legs and things like that, that will come. It will open up. That is something that I am not trying to force. I am just trying to improve my overall game, and me getting the ball out to these guys to make plays definitely helps that.”


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