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Health And Fitness Equipment Centers Help You Go The Extra Mile!

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I recently spoke with Steve Sova, founder of the widely popular Health & Fitness Equipment Centers.  He had a very interesting take on how he got into the business, and what himself and employees are doing to make sure that each customer leaves their store better off than when they came in.  You are more than a face and wallet when you come into their store, you are someone they are truly invested in helping better your life, soul and overall wellbeing.

Don’t believe me?  Visit a store for yourself and your entire life will change for the better as mine did on my recent visit into the North Olmsted store located only 100 yards from Great Northern Mall.  They also have stores in Canton, Eastlake, Fairlawn and Woodmere.

Steve opened his first store back in 1979 as he had been very much into health and fitness most of his young adult life.  His inspiration in getting started was his passion for weight training as he lived in the gym five days a week.  He would powerlift and also work in in a Nautilus center.  It was there his passion for the business really grew.  He put it all together and started selling equipment.

Customers will receive countless benefits simply by walking into every store.  They help people solve whatever issue they have when they walk in the door.  Each customer is there for a reason, it could be weight loss, muscle gain, rehabbing from surgery, toning their body for the beach, it doesn’t matter as Health and Fitness Equipment Centers will have them covered.

The excellent staff will help the customer narrow down exactly what they need as they explore all of their incredible product lines.  There is never a shortage of excellent options to choose from.  They also have their own service department and delivery department.  Their highly educated staff will also clear up any misconception the customer may have about Health and Fitness.

At Health and Fitness Equipment centers, they put their money where their mouth is with an exciting concept called, “The Weight Loss Challenge”.  After the customer makes a purchase of a several different weight loss options and pieces of equipment, the store has them weigh in.  In the next 90 days, if they lose seven and a half percent of their body weight, they get part of their purchase cost back.  Where else are you going to find that?  If that is not a company truly invested in their customers well-being, then I don’t know what is! They want their customers to improve and realize that they do care, they are just not selling you coat hangers.

Steve Sova had this one last message to his customers, “We appreciate everyone who comes into the store and we truly want to help you reach your goals, that is what we are all about!  Whatever we can do to be on your side, we will be!  We have personal trainers and people who know a lot about exercise and they all care about other people and helping them get results!”

You can visit them online, or stop into any one of their five stores!

35665 Curtis Blvd., Eastlake, OH 44095
(800) 348-5537 | (440) 946-0839

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