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The Week 9 NEOSI NFL Power Rankings

  Record Reason 
1 Eagles  7–1 Their schedule may have been a little light thus far, but you cannot argue with the blowouts they are putting up in victory.
2 Steelers 6–2 They have bounced back from a shaky start to live up to preseason hype.  Clicking on both sides of the ball.
3 Patriots 6–2 Despite injuries and a shaky defense, they just keep winning like they have for nearly 20 straight years.
4 Saints 6–2 The Saints lost Adrian Peterson and have never looked better.  They are playing defense as well and look to be a real threat.
5 Rams 6–2 One of the youngest but most talented teams in the NFL.  From coaching and beyond, they may be a potential powerhouse.
6 Chiefs 6–3 A stout defense to go along with playmakers on offense with a veteran coach and quarterback.  A real threat to go deep.
7 Panthers 6–3 Cam Newton can be a total headcase at times, but they seem to be back to pulling off the close ones.  Will it last?
8 Vikings 6–2 Not pretty, they play defense and kick field goals.  The QB situation is a total mess, but they just keep winning!
9 Cowboys 6–2 Elliot will get enough court rulings to stay on the field the entire season, thus making the Cowboys a serious contender.
10 Seahawks 5–3 Seattle is the best 5 win team in the league.  Despite the hiccup against Washington they will be a tough out.
11 Falcons 4–4 They caught fire the second half of the season last year, this may be there time to do it again this season. They need to.
12 Titans 5–3 They play as a unit on both sides of the ball.  A total team effort always gives them a chance.  Marriota will need to stay healthy.
13 Washington 4–4 A hard team to judge, that won’t rise above this sport, but will most likely not fall too far from it either.
14 Bills 5–3 Their loss to the Jet’s cost them any chance of us taking them serious.  A crumble should be coming soon.
15 Jaguars  5–3 The surprise team of the NFL has a hungry front seven on defense that will keep them in any game.
16 Raiders 4–4 Once this team catches their magic of last season, and they will soon, watch out for them!
17 Dolphins 4–4 Jay Cutler will lead them to 6 or 7 wins and ride off into the sunset.  This was simply a hold over year with no hopes.
18 Lions 4–4 This team is yet to play their best football, but will soon.  The division is theirs for the taking.
19 Ravens 4–5 9 weeks in, they remain the toughest team in the NFL to figure out.  They could tank, or they could be in the Superbowl this year?!
20 Packers 3–5 What could have been had their star quarterback not have gotten hurt badly.
21 Texans 3–5 What could have been  part two
22 Jets  4–5 Did someone forget to tell them they are supposed to be terrible?  6 wins could very well buy Todd Bowles another season as coach.
23 Broncos 3–5 Your Superbowl Champions from just two years ago, seemed to have given up as Brock looked terrible with no hope in sight.
24 Chargers 3–5 Their point differential for the season is only 2.  Yet they are two games under 500.  Hard to figure this one out.
25 Cardinals  4–4 Adrian Peterson will keep them in games, but this team has far too much age and too many injuries to stay competive any longer.
26 Buccaneers 2–7 Maybe Winston wasn’t that great afterall.  Or maybe he is just really hurt.  Either way, their season is over.  Hard Knocks Jinx!
27 Bengals 3–5 Cincy hasn’t looked this bad since the early 90’s.  Marvin Lewis won’t be back next season.  That is a sure thing.
28 Colts 3–5 The 3 wins have come against terrible teams with a combined 3-23 record.  Not a good football team that has no Luck!
29 Bears 3–5 This will be a good learning year for Mitch.  He is actually in a great situation that should only get better.
30 Giants 1–7 This injury bitten team went from Superbowl contenders to looking like a team that has completely given up.
31 SF 49ers 0–9 Jimmy will be coming around the mountain when he comes.
32 Browns 0–8 The worst franchise not only in the NFL, but in all of professional sports.  A total disgrace to a hardworking city and fan base.
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