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5 Cleveland Sports That Are Worth Betting For

While Cleveland is considered one of the great cities in the U.S. because of its culture and state-of-the-art architectural landscapes, people have a lot of respect for their sports teams. Although they aren’t at their best at times, Cleveland sports still gain much support from its undying fans since then.

Their crown jewel may be the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Cleveland also represents in the MLB, NFL, G-League, and the American Hockey League (AHL).

With this in mind, are Cleveland sports worthy of gaining more bets from all sports fans worldwide? Like some of the leading sports betting games on earth found in, will all its teams be able to survive in their upcoming games in many years to come? Let’s see how each Cleveland sport stands at this time.

Cleveland Cavaliers (Basketball)

Popularly known as the Cavs, the Cleveland Cavaliers have played in the NBA since its foundation in 1970, playing in the Central Division in the Eastern Conference. With distinguished gold, navy blue, black, and wine jersey colors, the Cavs are indeed shining brightly whenever they play inside the perimeter.

Looking into the team’s achievements, they achieved an NBA title in 2016. Also, they were five-time conference titleholders while a seven-time record-breaker for the Division Conference. However, their only league title was conquered over the Golden States Warriors and upon the acquisition of LeBron James in 2014.

In the 2020-21 NBA season, the Cavs settled at 13th place in the Eastern Conference seeding. Will the upcoming season of the NBA serve as the redemption year for the Cavs to be in the championship stint once again?

Cleveland Browns (Football)

Kevin Stefanski is presently leading the Cleveland Cavaliers, representing the AFC North for the NFL. Being known for their orange, brown, white uniform, the Browns is a rising star and a dark horse team that the NFL has in the current season.

From 2003 until 2019, the Cleveland Browns experienced a 16-year drought in the playoffs. As a result, neither group had earned a chance to clinch an AFC significant accomplishment. But in 2020, the curse was broken, and the team had successfully gone through the playoffs.

As the newest NFL season will open this September, the Browns are looking forward to better teamwork so they can earn a coveted Super Bowl title for the first. But will 2021 be the luckiest year for the Browns to earn their supremacy for the incoming NFL season?

Cleveland Monsters (Ice Hockey)

If you’re not much into basketball and football, ice hockey is another popular sport that Cleveland has been joining. They got the Cleveland Monsters, who represent the annual American Hockey League (AHL). This is the newest group that Cleveland sports have formed.

Founded in 1994, the team began to operate and play in the AHL in 2007. The Monsters can be identified in a white, wine, and blue-colored uniform. The Cleveland Monsters are currently headed by Mike Eaves and owned by Dan Gilbert.

Looking into the teams’ achievements, they got their first Calder Cup and Conference Championship title in 2015-16. As the AHL continues to gain popularity in the sports betting industry, can Cleveland Monsters establish their name in this sport as one of the toughest teams to beat?

Cleveland Indians (Baseball)

If most Cleveland sports teams above are quite behind in their respective tournaments for the past years, the baseball department serves as their greatest. It is one of the earliest sports teams that got established and has been doing excellently since then.

Founded in 1901, Cleveland Indians are joining the American League annually. They are identified in a unique red, white, and navy blue uniform. When it comes to their record, Cleveland Indians won ten Central Division titles, six AL Pennants, and two World Series accomplishments.

Cleveland State Vikings (Collegiate Basketball)

Cleveland sports do not only shine in professional sporting games, but they also have something to prove in the collegiate division. The Cleveland State Vikings, both the women’s and men’s basketball teams, represent Cleveland State University in NCAA Division I.

From 1972, the Cleveland State Vikings have participated in the NCAA. They represent three conferences: the Horizon League, Mid-American Conference (Wrestling), and ASUN Conference (Men’s Lacrosse).

Final Thoughts

The idea of sports betting revolves around the idea of wagering a specific amount for a deserving entry a bettor thinks can win. Although it is a simple thing to imagine, this might come exhausting, especially when you encounter professional leagues that involve a high level of decision making and, of course, luck.

Thus, in popular sports betting games like the NFL, AHL, NBA, NCAA, and MLB, there’s always a good reason to find Cleveland sports in your list of bets and see how your profit grows in no time.

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