BROWNS SURVEY: Who Do You Blame For The Worst Franchise In All Of Sports?

Six’s week into another winless season, there are multiple parties at fault once again for the entire Cleveland Browns organization. While it is always “fun” to debate which part of the franchise is at most fault, each presents their own very strong case for the coveted prize of main culprit of futility.

We thought it would be fun to let you, the fans, voice your opinion on which facet of one of the worst franchises in sports angers you the most.

Just like you do with the NEOSI High School Football Player of the Week, cast your vote in the comment section below as to which part of the franchise misery get’s your goat the most!

A – Ownership : It starts at the top right? Hiring the wrong people to run the show and having an owner that doesn’t always seemed to be engaged.  He continues to make knee jerk reactions and the entire franchise is a bigger laughing stock now than it has ever been.  Haslam is seen as a snake oil salesmen by many, and few will ever forget about the Pilot J rebate scandal that sent several executives to prison. Since that scandal, it has been all down hill for Haslam and his time with the Cleveland Browns.

B – Coaching: Hugh Jackson continues to call plays in a system that simply doesn’t work. He has had 5 different starting quarterbacks try to run it, all have failed miserably. His clock management is awful and he appears to be in way over his head with no improvement in site.  He also gets caught flat out lying in press conferences.

On the defensive side of the ball Gregg Williams is a complete joke.  His “tough guy” act has already worn thin, and playing someone with the talent of Jabril Peppers 30 yards off the ball is a complete waste of a draft pick.

C – The front office: passing up on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson is enough to get you fired.  Add on to that that you chose injury prone Corey Coleman and second round draft bust DeShone Kizer instead, makes it tens time worse!  Not only did you pass up on Watson, but you trade back to take Peppers, and have no clue how to use him.

The analytics approach is not working.  These guys are lost in the soup.  They cut solid veterans who could have helped the last two seasons, and have overspent on terrible free agents who cannot even get on the field (Britt).

D – The Players: They aren’t any good.  I’d expound, but the proof is in front of your face every 7 days.  It really becomes clear when you turn on others games and see how fluid and efficient other teams are.  It is not their fault they were born with less talent then others at their profession, but if you feel that it is, by all means vote option D.

Is it Josh Gordons fault he can’t stop smoking dope?  It is Cody Kessler’s fault he had no offensive line which caused several concussions?  Is it Corey Coleman’s fault he has hands as fragile as an eggshell?  Well, is it? VOTE NOW!



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  2. A lot of this crap aka Browns football falls on the shoulders of the front office for missing on so many high caliber players like Wentz and Watson, and for selecting several players that never deserved to be drafted at all. But to me, all of the above doesn’t happen if Haslam doesn’t hire this horrible front office including a baseball guy to help run a football team and run everything based off of analytics. Every team uses analytics, but you’re not supposed to base every decision around them. Unfortunately Haslam needs to blow the whole thing up again and hopefully he’ll make better decisions as to who he hires, before there is no fan base left to care about his product.

  3. Clearly the owner, he is the one who decided this is the route they were gonna take and it hot garbage! This processes isn’t working now I do like Hue as the coach but please bring in people that know football and a GM

  4. C – Front Office: This organization has been an under performing, overpaid group since 1999. Over promise and under deliver, regardless of the ownership, coaches, QBs etc. The organization needs to be viewed as ‘winners’, meaning, when you’re hired to be in the Browns org you are there to be a winner and part of a winning team. I don’t get that feeling at all with the Browns, no mentality to win (on and off the field) or culture of striving to be the BEST which is what every business, team in the world should be aiming for.

  5. Front office. Too many regime changes. I s’pose thus fault belongs w/ownership. Alfred Kerner’s son was never interested and let franchise languish.

  6. Michael Rodgers | October 18, 2017 at 9:30 pm | Reply

    It’s all of the above. The Browns were arguably going in the right direction with Al Lerner, Randy really crippled this organization with poor ownership decisions and it has continued with Haslem. In this microwave society everyone wants instant results so the front office and coaching staff changes every few years. There’s been poor drafting, poor free agent signings and poor management as a whole. This organization needs to start over, hire real football minds and give them four years

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