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What’s Next For Tristan Thomspon

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has set a new standard for normal for everyone and everything. But as some stores are opening up and businesses are trying to create a new way to operate that would guarantee social distancing and other safety measures, the sports industry has been dealing with a bit of an odd situation. While sports fans are starving for some new activities and games, it might not be safe just yet for the big reopening. One of the players that support these safety measures is Tristan Thomspon from the Cavaliers.

The fans were devastated when major sporting events, especially basketball games got postponed. It was a huge hit for sports fans and the players alike but everyone understands the importance of maintaining these restrictive measures. While some aspects of the sports industry, for example, betting have found new ways to cope and exist in the changed reality. Some just didn’t seem to have a choice. The online betting community has found a nice replacement for the traditional sports and these bookmakers are now focusing on esports, online slots for real money, horse racing and other types of gaming and betting that would allow them to still enjoy their favorite activity even while locked inside the house with no real sports scheduled for anytime soon.

This has proven to be of great importance for those bookmakers because it opened up new opportunities for them to expand or even build their brand off. Online gaming and betting have become one of the most profitable parts of the gambling industry and this pandemic actually brought out even more advantages of these types of bettors and how there’s so much more than can be done to enhance this sort of gambling even more.

Tristan Thompson is one of the most popular and active NBA stars, and just like many of his peers, he hasn’t been playing for the last couple of months because the NBA announced pretty early on that, the season is going to get postponed due to the coronavirus.

Thompson made some statements via zoom to shed some light on how he is coping with the virus, what are his future plans, and if he sees himself in any particular team for the upcoming season.

Tristan Thompson is a great athlete but over the last couple of years, he has become a household name in the celebrity world after he started dating Khloe Kardashian and the pair had a baby together. But his career and his achievement in the NBA remain his defining achievements. When speaking over the zoom conference Thomspon said that while he can’t wait for the seasons to resume so he can enjoy it with a couple of friends and have some fun, the player realizes that safety must come first and then while everyone is probably dying to get back to normal, everyone needs to feel safe coming in to play before anything can start getting back to normal.

This means that we need to have more clarity and some extra safety measures taken in place before we even start talking about resuming the season.

Thompson is actually free of his contract with the Cavaliers from this point on. During the interview, he didn’t mention any future plans but said that he understands how some players might be eager to get back to the field since they are looking to win some titles. Thompsons says that he is excited for the games to resume even if the Cavaliers arsenal is in the playoffs.

The commissioner Adam Silver held a zoom call with the NBA players this past week and discussed the possible future of the championship. One thing was clear to Thomspon, most of the players are eager to get back to their work and start playing again.

What is interesting is that we don’t know if the format will stay the same. With social distancing measures in place could the games ever really get their old energy back? We saw some positive development over the last couple of weeks about how many sporting events are now turning to online streaming platforms and other digital solutions to keep the fans engaged in their activity, but since then it has been a major turn.

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