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The Best Non-US Player Who Played For The Cleveland Browns

Although we consider the NFL as a very American sport, there are some non-US players… and players with more exotic backgrounds that have definitely made a mark in the sport. Here, we take a look at some of the very best non-US players and players with a more exotic background to have played for the Cleveland Browns in their history…

Bernie Kosar

Although he was born in the US, Bernie Kosar was of Hungarian descent… and he made a massive impact during his time playing with the Cleveland Browns. He became a player famous for precision passing and strategic skills – which shaped the team’s attacking play. 

He was an intelligent and adaptable player and had a rare ability to read defenses – which played a big part in the Browns’ success. He also became famous for his quick decision-making and accuracy… which helped to lead the Browns to lots of playoff appearances. Kosar had a real ability to manage the game and pull off important plays… and this earned him a lot of love – from both his fellow players and the team’s fans.

Phil Dawson

Phil Dawson is a kicker from England… and his time spent as a placekicker for the Cleveland Browns can be described with one word – excellence. His accuracy in scoring field goals along with his consistency made him a real favourite with the fans. His reliability when in a pressurised situation was unmatched and he could deliver clutch kicks that secured those important wins. 

His impressive accuracy, especially when the weather was bad, earned him respect throughout the league. As well as his skills on-field, his professionalism and commitment have made him beloved by the Browns supporters.

Joshua Cribbs

Although he was born in the US, Joshua Cribbs has Jamaican heritage. Whatever his background, he had versatility… and his skills as a wide receiver made him a hugely important player in the team. He was excellent when it came to returning kicks – and displayed mind-blowing speed and agility with his skills helping the Browns to some momentous victories. 

However, his impact extended way beyond the stats. He had a way of igniting the crowd with every return- and became famous for his dedication and team-first way of thinking and playing. To Browns fans, he embodies resilience and passion.

Anthony Henry

Anthony Henry, a cornerback for the Cleveland Browns, was famous for his defensive skills and impressive football IQ during his time with the team. He became well-known for his ability to intercept the ball and, as such, became a major part of the team’s defensive strategy. 

This was a player who was adaptable across all defensive set-ups – and he was consistently showing off his versatility, making him always a reliable asset to the team. He was consistently able to disrupt opponent passing plays along with his tackling proficiency and this earned him recognition across the entire NFL. Although injuries could affect his performance at times, his contributions certainly had a massive impact on the Browns’ defensive lineup during his time with the team.

Patrick Murray

Last, we have Irish American placekicker, who had a brief but very impactful period with the Browns. He may have been born in the US, but his ties with Ireland are strong… and as well as American Football, he has played soccer – and has even enjoyed time in the GAA – check out the latest GAA betting odds at Boylesports and you may even see his name there as he still has quite a passion for the sport.

He was famous within his team for accuracy and consistency – along with his precision in field goal attempts. This was a player who was reliable and composed even under the most intense pressure. Despite the fact that he faced challenges with injuries during his time with the team, he always remained professional and always made valuable contributions. Patrick Murray’s time with the Browns showcased what a skilled kicker he was – and earned him respect within the team and with their fans.

These players all come from very different backgrounds but have all had a massive impact on the Cleveland Browns’ history.

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