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NFL 2020: Cleveland Browns Top Players

Despite the challenge the world is facing this year, the National Football League continued to rise above, managing to overcome the sports industry’s difficulties. This season, among the 32 football teams in the NFL, many gracefully rose above the others, with praises and remarkable records as a fruit of their training over the offseason. While there were big-name teams that dominated the field, there were also underdogs who were able to beat their strong competitors.

One of the teams who surprised the football world is the Cleveland Browns. Although they were told that they wouldn’t make it, the Browns’ still moved forward from the rankings and put themselves on the second spot in the AFC North, sitting as one of the top 10 leading teams.

Now, they are all ready for the upcoming playoffs to take the chance of winning this season’s most significant match.

Current State of the Browns

Currently, the Cleveland Browns have a record of eight wins and three losses, with a winning percentage of .727. The Browns now have a powerful lineup of players, who will be their key for offense. Moreover, the Browns claimed that there is no excuse anymore for a down year as they have set their players already. With the same receiving core and set of running backs, plus the offensive lineup, they will own the victory.

The Top Players

There are many good players in the Cleveland Browns, yet these men are the team’s top carriers.

Myles Garrett

Garette was drafted to the NFL in the year 2017, but in 2019, he was suspended indefinitely for causing a fight during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But despite that controversy, Garette remains the highest-rated defensive player ever recruited.

From his early games with the Browns, he’d been trusted to be one of the premier edge rushers in the NFL. More than that, Garette also received multiple awards as a football player since he was still a rookie until his last game.

Nick Chubb

Although this is still his 3rd year in playing for the Browns, Chubb is already considered the team’s pillar, as he is one of the best backs in the NFL that possess the power and speed combination, which a few only have.

For this year’s matches, he has become the centerpiece of the Cleveland Browns for the offense. Many have also claimed that if it weren’t for Chubb, the Browns would’ve lost from the Jaguars. Additionally, Chubb is expected to excel again next year as he laid outstanding play for this year’s season.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Playing as the wide receiver, Beckham is considered one of the Browns’ vital lineup players. As claimed by football enthusiasts, Beckham is one of the best receivers in the league. That’s why many are anticipating a good year for him after this season. Although he encountered so much injury from the past matches, his team and their fans are still rooting for his immense contribution to his team’s win.

Denzel Ward

In his rookie season, Ward already had his hard training as the cornerback player. He may have started the season slowly, yet he finished his sophomore season very strong. Now, he is one of the Cleveland Browns’ competent players, and many are rooting for him to elevate among the top lists of all corner players. Moreover, his excellent coverage skills and body reflexes will surely grant him a promising future in the football world.

Joel Bitonio

Bitonio is the team’s so-called Mr. Reliable at left guard because of his movement skills that always work best in defending. Bitonio had 39 consecutive games in his college season, which became a training ground for him while working his way in the professional football league. And without any doubt, he was drafted to play for the NFL in the year 2014 and is now still doing his best to improve in his position’s job.

Baker Mayfield

Mayfield began his college football career as a walk-on player for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. In the year 2018, he was finally drafted to play for the NFL and still looks forward to playing for his team longer.

During Mayfield’s first NFL appearance, he led his team to their first win in 19 games, ending a 365-day winless streak. Although many were disappointed with Mayfield’s performance this year, his fans and some bettors still believe that their team can move forward in the playoffs with his skill’s aid.


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