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NEOSI’s 2017 NFL Divisional Round Picks

It’s time for the NFL Divisional Round of the Playoffs and NEOSI will be continuing their picks. After last week’s Wild Card round, take a look at the standings:

1.Matt Loede: 4-0.

2. David Sprouse: 4-0

3.Brandon Soeder-Penner: 2-2

3.Sam Amico: 2-2

3.Eli Mooneyham: 2-2

4.Matt Medley: 1-3

Here are the picks for the NFL Divisional Round:

Atlanta Falcons vs. Seattle Seahawks

Matt Loede: Falcons

David Sprouse: Seahawks

Brandon Soeder-Penner: Falcons

Sam Amico: Seahawks

Eli Mooneyham: Seahawks

Matt Medley: Seahawks

New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans

Matt Loede: Patriots

David Sprouse: Patriots

Brandon Soeder-Penner: Patriots

Sam Amico: Patriots

Eli Mooneyham: Patriots

Matt Medley: Patriots

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers

Matt Loede: Packers

David Sprouse: Packers

Brandon Soeder-Penner: Cowboys

Sam Amico: Cowboys

Eli Mooneyham: Packers

Matt Medley: Cowboys

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Matt Loede: Steelers

David Sprouse: Steelers

Brandon Soeder-Penner: Steelers

Sam Amico: Steelers

Eli Mooneyham: Chiefs

Matt Medley: Chiefs

Elijah Mooneyham has been a dedicated sports fan his whole life. Born and raised in Cleveland, he has his best days when his hometown teams are winning. Elijah is currently on-air talent/producer on two shows, The Main Event and The Moon Hour, where you can find on He also has an insane passion for professional wrestling, so catch his opinions on the world of professional wrestling.

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