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NEO Sports Insiders Presents: Lake Erie Monsters Fantasy Hockey Challenge Game 3 Standings

Before the AHL Western Conference Finals began, I asked Monsters fans if they’d be interested in doing a “Fantasy Hockey Challenge,” where we each pick players from the Monsters and see who puts up the most points.

The rules were simple. Pick one wing, one center, one defenseman, and one goalie.

Players could overlap between different entries, but of course no one would want to pick the same four as someone else.

Every goal scored by a player is worth 3 points. Every assist is worth 2. For every save the goaltender makes it is worth 0.2 points and every goal allowed is negative 1. If the goalie gets the win, it’s worth one point.

The leading scorer in Game 1 from the Monsters was Ryan Craig, who scored a goal and dished out an assist.

The leading scorer in Game 2 was Lukas Sedlak, who scored a goal and dished out an assist.

The leading scorer in Game 3 was Anton Forsberg, who earned 6.2 points with a 26 save shutout victory.

The leading scorer in Game 4 was Forsberg, who scored 8.2 points, collecting 41 saves and earning the win, while allowing just one goal.

Here are the full standings and linueps from the Western Conference Finals.

1st Stefan K 47.2
(Sedlak, Milano, Werenski, Forsberg)

2nd Dave U 44.2
(Sedlak, Vogelhuber, Werenski, Forsberg)

3rd Isaac W 41.2
(Craig, Anderson, Werenski, Forsberg)

4th Emma G 35.2
(Tynan, Rychel, Werenski, Forsberg)

5th Diane B 31.2
(Tynan, Vogelhuber, Sifers, Forsberg)

5th Larry K 31.2
(Chaput, Milano, Werenski, Forsberg)

5th Rak C 31.2
(Chaput, Milano, Werenski, Forsberg)

5th Mindy R 31.2
(Broadhurst, Rychel, Kukan, Forsberg)

9th Jessie M 29.2
(Chaput, Bjorkstrand, Sifers, Forsberg)

10th Janette H 25.0
(Sedlak, Milano, Werenski, Korpisalo)

10th Rylie H 25.0
(Sedlak, Milano, Falk, Korpisalo)

12th Shayna K 18.0
(Craig, Milano, Werenski, Korpisalo)

12th Carolyn C 18.0
(Craig, Milano, Werenski, Korpisalo)

14th Alex R 14.0
(Tynan, Bjorkstrand, Falk, Korpisalo)

15th Brent K 12.0
(Broadhurst, Milano, Werenski,Korpisalo)

16th Brett A 11.0
(Chaput, Craig, Werenski, Korpisalo)

17th Anthony Z 10.0
(Chaput, Anderson, Werenski, Korpisalo)

17th Tyler H 10.0
(Broadhurst, Milano, Sifers, Korpisalo)

19th Don K 9.0
(Chaput, Milano, Werenski, Korpisalo)

20th Matt M 7.0
(Tynan, Zaar, Werenski, Korpisalo)

20th Hailley D 7.0
(Chaput, Bjorkstrand, Sifers, Korpisalo)

20th Gina R 7.0
(Chaput, Milano, Sifers, Korpisalo)

23rd Brian P 6.0
(Chaput, Vogelhuber, Werenski,Korpisalo)

24th Dan L 2.0
(Chaput, Zaar, Werenski, Korpisalo)

That’s your standings for Game 4. We’ll update you after Game 1 of the Calder Cup!!

It’s not too late to jump in and see if you can catch up in our standings. Submit your lineup by tweeting @NEOSportsInside on Twitter.

Most importantly, the Monsters are in the Calder Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 wins away from hoisting the trophy.

Matt Medley is co-editor at NEO Sports Insiders, covers the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and high school sports in Northeast Ohio. Follow @MedleyHoops on Twitter for live updates from games.

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