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Kevin Love Is The Key For The Cavaliers

Kevin Love is starting to look like a key player for the Cleveland Cavaliers and that’s good news for the entire team but especially for another key player – Dwyane Wade. If you’re a fan of the Cavs, you’ve surely asked yourself what will happen to Wade as Love steps in and this article is focusing on how the rise of Kevin Love can also mean a resurgence for Wade.

Ups and Downs

Even though Wade did not start the season very well, being moved on the bench after, there’s still hope for his revival. In the first games of the season, Wade only managed an average of 5.7 points/ game with a 28% shooting ratio. But things are far from being over for the athlete that just turned 35. In an interview for ESPN, he declared that he’s trying to find his role and that everything is different from what he played until now.

Of course, speculations started to appear that Wade is out of form and has nothing more to offer for the Cavaliers. Basing his game on athleticism so far, the 35-year-old player doesn’t seem to be able to find the form he showed in the previous season. Even though he was moved to the bench, this doesn’t mean he can’t jump in and help the team in key moments.

In the preseason games he appeared in, Wade managed 11.5 points per game with an average of 19 minutes and a percentage of 52.8 shooting. Many wondered what’s the difference between the preseason appearances and the start of the season and everything that seems to have changed is his role in the team. Three out of the four preseason games were played without the company of LeBron James and that seems to be a key factor. Instead, he was joined in the offence by Derrick Rose, Smith, Crowder and Kevin Love.

The Move to the Bench Might Prove Benefic

For most of the NBA players, being moved to the bench might be equal to a demotion, since they’re not the number one option. Actually, in Wade’s case, this can be a good thing as going in from the bench means that he will be able to play more with Love. The two have shown a lot of chemistry and could form a very dangerous offensive duo. The way the two players help each other on the field really helps them both to shine and offer quite a show. The way they cooperate leaves Dwayne with a lot of space after the opponents try to block Love. This scheme seems to be very efficient even when Love is not directly involved. Using the space that Love creates for him, Dwayne can easily get to the basket and that makes the duo so efficient. They also form a deadly duo on transition play, allowing other teammates more space for a good shoot.

Team Play

Kevin Love has no less than 6 assists for the 19 goals Wade manage to score in the preseason. Proving that the duo can work both ways, Wade also offered 5 assists for Love in the matches disputed this season, more than any other Cavaliers player. The situation has changed with LeBron back in the lineup but even so, Wade can still shine even from the second unit. Because LeBron also reached 32 this year, the two are often rotated in the field and when Wade meets Love, the situation can be saved for the Cleveland team. Find more basketball betting or american football betting here.

Love as a Constant in the Team

Even though LeBron is still the star of the team, with enough fuel in the tank, Love is looking like the more constant player and could easily become a key player for the Cavaliers. The fact that he is equally consistent alongside Lebron or Wade gives a lot of hope for the fans of the Cleveland team. One thing is certain, Love has enough talent and potential and it’s all up to coach Lue to find the best tactic to make maximum use of his skills. You also can find more about betting on  Cleveland Cavaliers or Browns  how to bet on american football.

The Cavaliers are currently fourth in the NBA table after the last quarter win against the Nets, which makes it their sixth consecutive victory after quite a slow start. They will be facing the Hornets next and, once again, the Love – LeBron or Love – Wade duo can get them the seventh win in a row in their race to catch up to the current leader, the Celtics.

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