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It’s Still Cleveland Crunch Time in Cleveland!!

Along with my guy Gianluca Di Giacomo it was a treat calling the 23-0 beatdown administered by the Crunch to the newest member of the MLIS the Ohio Extreme Soccer Club as Cleveland needed to get their offense working after the 6-2 loss to Rapid City Football Club in the season opener the week before.

It was the home opener for the Crunch and the packed house along with the announcers enjoyed every second of the contest! Before the game I spoke to Head Coach Antonio Manfut and mentioned that the Crunch needed to “kill the mosquito known as the Extreme with dynamite.” He was not sure what that meant and when I described that when you simply “swat a mosquito you may miss and get stung so DESTROY THAT SUCKA!’ He nodded in agreement and his team proceeded to do exactly that!

I must also share that it is truly exciting to also be able to call the game on various mediums:

* 107.7 WOBL FM

* 1320 AM WOBL

plus a huge shout out to Peter Tellep of LPV Productions, Inc. for producing this fast paced game!

Now to the game itself What more can you say as the Cleveland Crunch set a franchise record with the most goals scored in franchise history as the soccer ball tickled twine in the back of the net TWNETY SIX times! I must mention too that both netminders had a blank sheet with help from the D in tossing a goose egg at the Extreme. Marijo Musa and Liam McIntosh were superhuman, especially Marijo defying gravity and flying through the air to take away potential goals. Is a bird, is it a plane? NO, IT’S MARIJO MUSA! It is almost certain that Crunch mainstays such as Suljevic, Derezic, Minick, Jordan, Csiszar and others would tally but so cool seeing newcomers Bryan Kern and Daniel Koniarczyk banging shots home. We must talk about the MAN OF THE MATCH AIDAN BOZEK who had 5 goals!! So cool and fitting of this class organization and team when Aidan gave props to the fans for getting the team back on track!

Let’s look at the game itself. This was not just helter skelter fast break indoor soccer leading to the goals. The passing by the Crunch was brilliant, whether the ball was cracked off the boards or simply placed right on the foot of an attacker! Players hustled, they played both ways and the defense was superb as evidenced by the big fat 0 next to the Extreme on the scoreboard. Something that must NOT go unnoticed is when Admir Suljevic stands on a free kick! Reminiscent of the Prime Minister of Indoor Soccer, Zoran Karic, Admir strikes fear and uncertainty into the opposition. It is truly beautiful to watch him take a step when BANG another Crunch player flies you and rips home a goal! Sure, there are always ways to improve, and the Crunch certainly will do just that.

Indoor soccer is truly “Human Pinball.” You need to check it out! The next home game is January 27th at the Soccer Sportsplex with a 7p start time. Get tickets at .

As always read more of my thoughts on and #MunchOnSports is powered by Ganley Chevy Of Aurora and the Ken Ganley Automotive Group. Please take care of each other and it’s your world, pay attention. Enjoy every sandwich and for now ADIOS AMIGO, LONG MAY YOU RUN!


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