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2019 NBA Draft: Forwards

Cleveland- With the 2019 NBA Draft fast approaching, it’s time for our coverage at NEO to get everyone ready for the Cavaliers picks. Today lets take a look at the forwards that will be available in the June, 20th draft. The Cavaliers hold the 5th overall pick, as well as the 26th pick (via Houston) depending on how the first few picks shake out, Cleveland with have their choice of a number of different guys on this list. As things inch closer to draft day, stay tuned for more draft coverage including a look at the guard and center prospects that will be available.

  • Offensive versatility ( Shows the ability to play multiple positions at NBA level)
  • Has the potential to guard all five positions due to hi strength, agility, and defensive anticipation
  • One of the more explosive athletes in recent memory
  • Flashes the potential to be effective in PnR both as a passer and as a finisher
  • Willing and unselfish passer
  • Does the little things that help teams win games (plays with heart, dives for loose balls, makes the extra pass, etc.)
  • Play-maker on both ends of the floor
  • His shot mechanics are very clunky and slow. Flat/ low release point
  • Needs to develop a jumper of the dribble
  • Predictable on offense. Only possesses a few post moves, all which rely on his strength
  • Lacks defensive discipline. Tends to get caught ball watching, while relying on athleticism to bail him out
  • His body type needs to be improved.


  • Gifted scorer with smooth footwork.
  • Seeks contact on drives. Good body control
  • Possesses lateral quickness, shows the ability to be a good defender at the NBA level (long arms and strong frame)
  • Above average ball handler and passer
  • Strong work ethic, and has shown a history of improving at every level
  • Dangerous in transition; regardless if he grabs the rebound or if he’s running the lane
  • Tends to fall into tunnel vision, then forcing passes as a bail out (hero ball)
  • Desperately needs to improve his right hand. Heavily leans on his left.
  • Poor shooting percentages this past season; despite good consistent shot mechanics
  • Defensive awareness and energy on that end of the floor need to improve. Becomes a ball watcher when he’s not engaged on-ball

  • Versatile 3-and-D forward
  • Possesses a combination of size, quickness and length that makes him arguably the best on ball defender in draft
  • Rotates well off-ball, showing an ability to minimize mistakes in team defense
  • Good basketball IQ; rarely tries to play beyond himself
  • Showed improvement from Freshmen and Sophomore season
  • Ability to create shots of the dribble; straight-line drives, mid-range, and post face up
  • Not the quickest first step
  • While he his a good defender, he tended to struggle with quicker, more explosive players
  • Lacks rebounding skills, which is concerning for his size and length
  • Tends to finish below the room, who doesn’t finish well against contact or longer defenders

  • Two-way athletic forward(thick, muscular frame, long arms and explosive athleticism)
  • Versatile defender who has show potential to guard multiple positions.
  • Good rebounder at the wing position
  • Good free throw shooter which is a good indicator that he possesses long-term upside as a 3-pont shooter
  • Finishes well through contact with both hands
  • Aggressive slasher who takes advantage of mismatches
  • Struggles to create off the dribble
  • Needs to improve his off the ball movement
  • Struggles to hit spot-up jump shots
  • Basketball IQ isn’t the highest. Often looks puzzled on offense.
  • Relies heavily on physical tools, which won’t necessarily translate to the NBA level
  • Has trouble covering ball screens as a defender

  • Wide array of ball-handling moves and hesitations that allow him to create separation from defenders
  • Good vision and willingness to find the open man
  • Quick high release on jumper; projects as a plus- shooter
  • Team first guy; never complained about his role at Duke this past season
  • Does a good job cutting off the ball; shown the ability to find the open space on the floor
  • Quick hands and length give him the tools to be a high level defender at the next level
  • Lacks explosiveness on finishes; doesn’t always use his physical tools
  • Not the best first step; big reason why he tends to settle for outside shots
  • Defensive effort drifts far too often; could prove be what keeps him from reaching his potential
  • Poor balances on drives and jump shots; avoids contact
  • Needs to pass the ball crisper; gets caught telegraphing passes too often

  • Logged as many blocks as missed shots during the regular season
  • Explosive leaper with the ability to finish with both hands around the rim
  • Good ball-handler for his size; has the ability to take rebounds coast-to-coast
  • Attacks the offensive boards, does the little things ( dives for loose balls, hustles back on defense)
  • Possesses the recovery speed, anticipation to switch onto wings and guards
  • Smart defender who has the ability to block shots without fouling
  • Needs to develop a jumper; otherwise will be limited on offense
  • Body lacks length and strength which could limit his ability to defend bigger centers
  • Leaves little to be desired on the defensive glass
  • Not the best looking release on his jump shot; shoots average percentage from the free throw line

  • Runs the floor with or without the ball
  • NBA level athleticism; Plays above the rim
  • Has all the tools to be a versatile defender
  • Willing passer with above average vision
  • Cuts well off the ball and does a good job of finding open space; NBA spacing should help him reach his potential
  • Should provide the energy to create an early impact on both ends of the floor
  • Good shot creation with a quick first step; good footwork for someone as unpolished as him
  • Needs to improve his ball-handling
  • Poor decision maker (plays with blinders on)
  • Inconsistent shooter
  • Poor defensive fundamentals ( relies on athleticism too much)
  • Needs to improve on playing with effort consistently; could simply need to improve on his conditioning
  • Lacks advanced offensive moves

  • Long arms, fluid athlete with a thick frame
  • Offensive versatility; effective post scorer, willing cutter and improving jump shot
  • Comfortable going coast-to-coast with the ball in his hands
  • Shows potential to be useful in the PnR
  • Finishes above the rim with both hands; strong mid-range jumper
  • Didn’t start playing organized basketball until he was 14, hasn’t developed many bad habits
  • Good anticipation and uses his length to develop into a good shot blocker
  • Slow decision maker; game tends to move too fast for him
  • Needs to be more physical in the post; especially as a rebounder
  • Needs to improve as an on-ball defender; often gets beat by quicker players
  • Basketball IQ and feel for the game has to improve to become consistently effective on both ends on the floor
  • Should look to improve his shooting range; rarely shot the 3-ball in college
  • Improving his 1-0n-1 skills will help him become a more effective scorer

  • Good passer; possesses good vision for the entire floor
  • Quick first step; decisive on attacks
  • Has shown the ability to finish with both hands
  • 3- point shot improved from Freshman season to Sophomore season; projects to have NBA range
  • Combination of mobility and long arms makes him a good on ball defender
  • Lacks versatile offensive arsenal; lacks variety of moves
  • Not a great defensive rebounder; doesn’t bode well for a small-ball 5 role
  • Doesn’t do the little things; fails to make hustle plays because of inconsistent motor and focus
  • Lacks explosiveness in traffic; not an elite athlete to compensate for it

  • Effective shooter with good form and good footwork
  • Was good coming off screens as a scorer in college
  • Runs the floor well in transition; will benefit from NBA pace
  • ¬†Plays well within the flow of an offense; even if he isn’t the primary play-maker
  • Happy playing off the ball as a spot up shooter; cuts well off the ball
  • Mobility improved on the defensive end this past season; his best season as a defender
  • Average athlete with a slow first step; slow creator off the dribble
  • Does not project to be much of a post threat as he was an average finisher around the rim in college
  • Not a great rebounder for his size; lack of strength makes boxing out stronger plays more difficult
  • Despite long frame; not a great shot blocker
  • Hesitant to drive the ball often finds himself settling for outside shots







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