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Westlake High School Boys Varsity Swimming falls to Rocky River High School 110-73

200 Medley Relay
2nd- Shane Quinn, Stephen Blair, Hussein Said, Lance Clemons (1:54.90)
4th- Ethan Drake, Vince Sovacool, Aidan Cockburn, Elijah Harbaugh (2:02.54)
5th- Brandon Hohman, Jacob Rintamaki, Frank Bennett, Joe Brown (2:08.14)

200 Freestyle
2nd- Jacob Wylie (2:05.75)
4th- Jack Williams (2:07.78)
6th- Ryan Rogozinski (2:42.88)

200 Individual Medley
4th- Hussein Said (2:35.04)
5th- Frank Bennett (2:38.15)
6th- Elijah Harbaugh (2:44.62)

50 Freestyle
2nd- Lance Clemons (24.90)
4th- Stephen Blair (25.37)
6th- Brian Knott (33.15)

2nd- Collin Burrows (180.07)
4th- Ryan Forshey (129.45)

100 Butterfly
2nd- Hussein Said (1:05.37)
3rd- Aidan Cockburn (1:05.53)
5th- Frank Bennett (1:11.36)

100 Freestyle
3rd- Shane Quinn (57.49)
5th- Joe Brown (1:07.26)
6th- Vince Sovacool (1:07.68)

500 Freestyle
1st- Jacob Wylie (6:00.93)
2nd- Jack Williams (6:01.40)
3rd- Jacob Rintamaki (6:43.58)

200 Freestyle Relay
2nd- Lance Clemons, Jacob Wylie, Stephen Blair, Jack Williams (1:42.19)
4th- Shane Quinn, Ethan Drake, Frank Bennett, Aidan Cockburn (1:48.22)
5th- Elijah Harbaugh, Vince Sovacool, Brian Knott, Brandon Hohman (2:01.96

100 Backstroke
2nd- Ethan Drake (1:07.39)
3rd- Shane Quinn (1:08.88)
5th- Brandon Hohman (1:15.30)

100 Breaststroke
2nd- Lance Clemons (1:11.86)
3rd- Stephen Blair (1:16.12)
6th- Vince Sovacool (1:18.67)

400 Freestyle Relay
2nd- Jacob Wylie, Aidan Cockburn, Hussein Said, Jack Williams (3:59.48)
4th- Elijah Harbaugh, Jacob Rintamaki, Brandon Hohman, Ethan Drake (4:27.14)
6th- Ryan Rogozinski, Matthew Said, Brian Knott, Joe Brown (5:01.48)

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