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The Greatest Wins of the Cleveland Cavaliers

The world of basketball has seen many successful teams, but none of them were as successful as the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ohio is synonymous with the team’s name as it’s the place where it all started. The Cavaliers are still going strong looking to add more trophies to their shelves.

The NBA is one of the most popular basketball leagues, and the Cavaliers have dominated several times. Basketball is a popular sport across the world which is why there are loads of fans looking to catch the next game. There are several platforms covering basketball matches, online sportsbooks included.

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The Cavaliers have several victories under their belt, and some of them are worth mentioning.

2016 NBA Finals

The final game of any competition can be tough as the finalists are teams that have beaten all the other opponents. The 2016 NBA finals were no different as the Cavaliers were facing the Warriors. The Golden State Warriors already had the record 73 wins, and the Cavaliers were facing an uphill battle. They were down 3-1 and it seemed like they weren’t going to make it. Luckily, LeBron James did all he could to stop this from happening, and it work. Thanks to his performance the Cavaliers walked away with another NBA trophy as the final score was 93-89 for the Cavaliers. This match is one of the greatest ones in the history of the NBA.

The 2014 Homecoming Win

The name LeBron James is synonymous with the Cavaliers, but he left them in 2010 to play for Miami Heat. In 2014, he had a change of heart and decided to go back, being welcomed back into the Cavaliers. To make up for his time away, he treated the team to a win. The Cavaliers were facing the New York Nicks and James decimated them with his 38 points. On top of that, he landed the final blow with the final winning shot. James is still active in the world of basketball and his record speaks for itself.

2007 Eastern Conference Finals

The 2007 East Conference Finals were pretty tough for the Cavaliers as they were facing the Pistons. Both teams were evenly matched which is why everyone was watching the finals at the edge of their seats. The teams were so determined to win that they were given double overtime as the score was a draw. LeBron James stepped in to help the Cavaliers out and scored 29 of the 30 detrimental points against the Pistons. The game ended with a score of 109-107, and the Cavaliers were truly the better team.

These are some iconic wins by the Cavaliers, and they have demonstrated what it means to have the skill and endurance needed to win the finals a couple of times. This is what makes the Cleveland Cavaliers a formidable team.

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