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Preseason Trauma: the Takeaway from my First Browns Training Camp

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Hello fellow Browns Fan. Please let me take you on a journey of my very first preseason and training camp experiences

Picture it 2017 the air was full of excitement Myles Garrett was drafted the sky was the limit there was excitement in the air. I was so excited to go to my very first Browns preseason training camp. The only other time I experienced a training camp was when I was a little kid and Dan Marino was the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

In retrospect that sounds really cool right? In my reality I had no idea what football was or who Dan Marino was or even Don Shula. I knew that Don Shula owned a hamburger restaurant that my grandma really loved.

For that matter, I was happy and excited to be new to Cleveland. I felt like a parakeet that got a shiny new Bell toy. I was excited to see players in real life their physicality and how dynamic and impressive their physical conditioning was you have to remember I’m a nerd I don’t leave the nerdery often.

In my precious bird brain, I was thinking oh wow maybe I’ll get to meet one of these giant football players cool. Then it happened of all people who I decided to take allegiance with I made a pinky swear with Kenny Britt. Low and behold we all know what happens – we were all aware of what happened that season – but you have to remember I know nothing of football at this point in time. He seemed like a really nice guy in fact he is.

I had nothing but the greatest hopes for him and what greatness you can bring to the team. My naivete is not stupidity, I just didn’t know anything about the player or the game. He was just a giant nice person and that was enough for me. Live from section 505 I used to tweet at Kenny Britt before the game to almost give him a pep talk just to let him know I was there… I care and kick butt. Please follow my X @BrownsFanGurl for Live Posting to X during all Browns Home Games.


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