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Munch Musings on the big game from E. 53rd St. and Hamm Ave.

Pretty cool for me as the Chiefs and Niners get ready to face off today for the NFL Championship is the fact that I really like both teams. Yes, I am hoping for a great football game (we have seen too many bad ones this year from this lackluster league), and I am cool with whichever team wins. Now you may be thinking of a saying I use frequently and feel free to aim it my way and it is “don’t straddle the fence, you’ll hurt the boys,” so with that in play I am rooting for the The Kansas City Chiefs HOWEVER I will not blow a gasket if the San Francisco 49ers win!

Why is that? I’ll take you down antique alley aka into the past with my thoughts on both teams. I always liked the Chiefs. I was a huge AFL fan from the get-go and flash back to when the Chiefs were actually the Dallas Texans led by RB Abner Haynes! A gent by the name of Lamar Hunt noted that Dallas was NOT big enough for two pro football teams so off to KC went his team! Making this even more fun Lamar, who was denied the ownership of an NFL team started this upstart league, with an emphasis on offense! Even more interesting and righteous was that his squad would represent the AFL while Mr. Hunt came up with the idea for the game and got in touch with NFL Commish Rozelle before the 1966 season started and suggested the champs of each league square off! YES, Lamar even came up with the name SUPER BOWL after his kids were playing with the WOLRDS GREATEST BALL…yup a SUPER BALL!!

I am not going to go through each game but KC was no match for the Green Bay Packers as even a hungover Max McGee was able to haul in a TD pass for the first score in bug game lore! Wanna win a root beer or even better a shot and beer? The first TD scored by the AFL was by Chief’s Fullback Curtis McClinton!

We know what happened next! The Jets with JOE WILLIE NAMATH won the Super Bowl III and KC came back with a W in the 4th playing of the game.

Now I mentioned I always liked both teams. KC was led by NE Ohio native Len Dawson and had some fun players in Otis Taylor, Elmo Wright (Hmmm, the creator of the first TD dance?) on Offense and on D featured ferocious gents named Willie Lanier and Buck Buchanan. SF? QB John Brodie had the “shuffle pass” but before him we had the likes of YA Tittle and RC Owens plus moving forward in time the Joe Montana and Jerry Rice teams were likeable and fun to watch. A LOT TO LIKE from both franchises.

Let’s move ahead to today’s match up. So many say it’s always the match ups but I’m going against the grain. The San Francisco 49ers have SO MUCH MORE TALENT THAN KC on offense and defense but we all know the most important position in any sport is the QB AND who wins that battle? PATRICK MAHOMES by a long shot. I know want to get to the PUPPY BOWL before the big game so without further ado I have the CHIEFS winning the game. One other note: if it comes down to a FG take HARRISON BUTKER over JAKE MOODY any day of the week and twice on SB Sunday!

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Please take care of each other and it’s your world, pay attention. Always enjoy every sandwich and for now ADIOS AMIGO, long may you run.


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