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Munch Musings from E. 53rd Street Hamm Avenue with a little bit of ‘dis and a little bit of ‘dat!

* First and foremost, and this is not to denigrate the office of President in the greatest country in the world but when I woke up yesterday on Presidents Day the first thought I had (after my morning prayers) was that of EL PRESIDENTE, Dennis Martinez! My youngest son did a Mission trip a few years back to Nicaragua to assist on farms at St. Saint Ignatius High School and mentioned to be that he saw more banners, signs and tee shirts with Dennis Martinez “likeness” on them then the actual President of that country Daniel Ortega. No doubt fitting!

* Ok more from Presidents Day! I asked both my sons (30,24) who would be on their MOUNT RUSHMORE of Sports in #TheLand during their lifetimes! Their responses and they backed each other up:

– LeBron James

– Joe Thomas

– Jose Ramirez

– Corey Kluber

Who are yours?

* Talking new stadium renovations with some folks in their late 20’s to 30 (my fave focus group) they were in agreement that the stadium MUST remain downtown and also asked “why build a new one?” that one is not that old and renovations can tighten it up.” Some also noted “Buffalo had worse winters than us and they are not building a dome, even a retractable dome.” It was also pointed out that “Detroit moved from the ‘burbs back downtown” even though they were not happy for the Lions “Playing in a warehouse!’

My thoughts? It would be criminal, something not foreign to Browns ownership, to leave downtown and one more thought; the Watson contract would pay for 25% of stadium renovations. Just saying.

* There was another brawl in a College hoops game in the handshake line last night. It took place in the Southland Conference in a game between Texas A&M-Commerce and Incarnate Word. Now Incarnate Word is the largest Catholic University in Texas and apparently the basketball players are not attending Theology classes. I understand sticking up for teammates and the Biblical saying “be as gentle as dove and as wise a serpent” but c’mon, where were the coaches and they had no inkling trouble was brewing. I get it through sadly! Last year when a Big Ten coach slapped an opposing coach during the handshake line, he is not let go but slapped on the wrist from a school starting to be known for malfeasance with their coaches, it truly sends a message.

* People who have been blasting Taylor Swift have gotten their comeuppance so now they attack my Home Boy Travis Kelce for his actions aimed at his HC Andy Reid and during the awards presentation, my only response is “Get a life.” Was Travis wrong to bump and yell at his coach? Sure, was and Andy, another reason why he is a Hall of Fame HC, let it slide as he knew what the stakes were in the game and crazy emotions can be. Yup Travis later apologized. Also, TK was blasted for his actions with the trophy after a docile Patrick Mahomes made sure to include GOD in his THANKS. Travis is a different cat and no doubt Jim Nance “egged him” to jump into some Beastie Boys lyrics. Again, my gosh, CHILL! I also must ask to have those complaining every been involved in a “Super Bowl” like activity in life or even at their job”? Prolly not.

* No doubt there is the smell of baseball in the air! What triggered that thought besides pitchers and catchers have already reported and full squad workouts are knocking at the door? Yup, the NBA all-star game and NFL pro bowl activities are truly an affront to any sports fans HOWEVER the HOME RUN DERBY and MLB All Star game are so worth watching and a heck of a great time! THANK YOU, MLB, for that! Yuppers, BASEBALL IS THE BEST!

* One last thought…have you been to a HS Basketball game lately, boys or girls? It warms my heart to see FULL GYMS and crowds cheering on their team. Something that embarrassed me as a human happened at a game I was at last week. A fan on the home team stand got escorted out by 4 police officers. This was dude in his 30’s wearing a baseball cap backwards and had that “trimmed beard look” but trying to be cool obviously did NOT stop him from hurling “EFF BOMBS” and yelling at the officials. So glad he got the boot and I hope he was proud of himself. One more at this same game. There were 6 adults for the home team seated on the opposition’s side at half court in the front row. Are they allowed to sit there? YES! Should they? NO, especially since they berated the visiting fans every chance they had to act up. Again, we are always asking the “kids” to behave, shouldn’t some of that reflect on the parents?

Read more of my musings and thoughts at – #MunchOnSports is powered by Ganley Chevy Of Aurora and the Ken Ganley Automotive Group.

Please take care of each other and it’s your world, pay attention. Always enjoy every sandwich and for now ADIOS AMIGO, long may you run.



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