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Munch Musings from E. 53rd Street and Hamm Avenue

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and good times. Yes, I adhered to my usual Turkey Day routine, started the fireplace roaring, turned on the Macy Parade and got ready for football and to my surprise the amazing Lions lost per the norm on Thanksgiving. A little meal secret for: I avoid mashed potatoes so I may enjoy more stuffing! It was tough as we had REAL mashed (not from a box)!

Many of you wondered why I have been so silent lately, especially with the big game last weekend. Just been doing some thinking and decompressing after the St. Augustine Hunger Center Food Drive. THANK YOU to those who stopped by with a check, cash and oh so much food. Truly blessed to know you.

Let’s start with HS football playoffs. The championship schedule is set and some last thoughts on the weekend’s games with area teams. I will highlight the area teams moving on. Remember all the championship games will take place at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium.

– Archbishop Hoban and Avon played an instant classic with the Knights coming out on top 17-14. Their DII opponent Massillon steam rolled Anderson 55-7, so the Knights and Tigers are the first game on tap Thursday at 7:30p.

– St. Edward is headed to another D1 championship game vs Springfield after breezing by Hilliard Bradley 26-3. The Eagles go for 3 in a row vs Springfield at 7:30p Friday. The St. Edward running game has been devastating.

– In DIV let’s hope the cheer of WHACK, THUD, TARBLOOD echoes over Canton as Ted Sr.’s men take on Archbishop Alter. Glenville gets to the big game after running over Canton South 42-21. That game is at 7:30p Saturday.

– Perry is ready to make Liberty Center walk the plank after the Pirates ousted Harvest Prep 22-8. This DV game is at 3p Saturday.

– In DVI Tiger’s Kirtland Hornets are all set after shutting out Garaway 17-0. Kirtland will play Friday at 10:30a vs Versailles.

YES, HS Football is great all over the state of OHIO, but no doubt NE OHIO boasts the best in the state. Let’s hoist 5 trophies out of the 7 divisions!

I will talk about the big game Saturday and truly must salute the ttun for their victory. How did they do it? Less turnovers and they won the running game. No doubt the ill-informed will pile on Kyle McCord and his first pick which led to a 7-0 u of m lead was just awful however he had some help in the loss. I noted this after the game and will reiterate concerning the Buckeyes: Is it too much for me to ask that place kickers make tough FG’s (Yes the Georgia game is still on my mind), receivers CATCH THE BALL, the defense GETS A NEEDED STOP(S) OR TWO and defensive players do not try to arm tackle very good running backs? I know it is not too much to ask! Was I sad after the game? HECK YES! I was in mourning and still am today. Did I feel the Buckeyes would win the game on the last drive? HECK YES again as I am a believer than good triumphs over bad. Dang shame to fall to a team steeped in skullduggery and malfeasance. PLEASE stop this AMERICA’s TEAM nonsense too! IS this great country truly based on cheating, wrongdoing, then when someone gets caught, they claim to be the victim? Oh my, I can go off here but will stay on track. What I expected was exemplified again by Roman Wilson and the maize and blue Coach waving “bye bye” to the OSU sidelines. With that said I will praise the u of m QB JJ McCarthy. The kid is a gamer, a gambler, and a winner. Wishing him the very best.

More on THE GAME…I just received a call from a dear friend about Ryan Day. At the start of the season, I did say he is coaching for his job! The great WW Hayes was let go for losing to the wolverines 3 years in a row. What happened with John Cooper? Gordon Gee changed the narrative! Both of those gents are dear friends, but Coop did not get it the rivalry, it was that simple. Back to Day and 3 losses in a row. Do I believe ttun cheated the last few years in more than the OSU game? Sure, do and mark my word the NCAA investigation will administer more than the wrist slap the Big Ten gave the u of m! If that is the case (u of m cheating as CJ Stroud will even attest to that fact) then Ryan Day deserves one more shot! BTW it drives me crazy when OSU fans (The contingent that rivals some Browns fans) take shots at me for saying the following: STOP THE TALK ABOUT MY BELOVED BUCKYES backing into the CFP! They lost THEE game; they do not deserve it. Let the loss burn in their guts, players, and coaches alike, and play in a bowl game then dominate their opponent.

Gotta talk Browns. We all saw what is happening with this new Kardiac Kids team, before yesterday’s game, a 3-7 team that was 7-3. They were winning games they previously lost. That is a good thing. YES, the record is what the record is and after losing to the Broncos they are 7-4. Gotta state though what is dominating the team again? Pain and misery. Is this a Haslam thing? Always nonsense since Jimmy took over. I need to call to task the self-proclaimed “World’s Best Defense” again after the Broncos jumped up 14-0, then made sure to put it away with an early 4th quarter TD! This time around I will say that JOK cannot do it himself, and it was obvious Myles was playing through pain. How Myles goes the D Line goes. Not sure who will QB the team after DTR got lit up and PJ Walker showed us he has used up his mojo after his performance yesterday. Remember there is a reason Joe Flacco was “on the beach.” Yup is that a GM decision to leave the team without a viable back up? I have no problem sharing with you that I was all set to watch “WFF” (Watson free football) when early in the game I saw social blowing up with comments such as “Browns are playing the Broncos and the refs,” “the officials are on Denver’s side” that I decided I would read a book instead. My golly people, where is your pride?

BTW the Browns will need all hands-on deck vs the Rams who have rediscovered their passing game and are running the football with authority.

Take care, friend, and enjoy every second of this joyous season! Please take care of each other and it’s your world, pay attention. As always enjoy every sandwich and for now, Adios Amigo, long may you run.

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