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Munch Musings from E. 53rd and Hamm Avenue

Hope you and yours are better than good on this Memorial Day 2024. I am hearing from all over the country via texts, calls, requests to join radio shows about one hot topic in #TheCLE and all across MLB and the USA…how are the Cleveland Guardians doing what they are doing? Are there logical reasons other than something magical is going on at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario? There certainly are and let’s look at some hard-core facts about this team:

* They have a record of 36 – 17 and the best winning % in the AL.

* The only team with a better winning % is the Phillies.

* They have won 9 games in a row.

* They are winning without their leadoff batter, Left fielder (this cannot be downplayed as this is a tough position in Progressive Field) and a gent who was leading the league in hitting when he went down. The last time he played was May 4th. Since then they are 15-5 with sweeps of the Minnesota Twins and Los Angeles Angels. Sadly they lost 3 of 4 to the Chicago White Sox who are this years ’23 A’s and now they have won NINE IN A ROW!

* The Guards are winning with 2-4 batters in the lineup under .200 and 2 with miniscule averages (.201, .217) and Josh has been scuffling at the dish. Still, there is a hero every day.

Jose Ramirez is heating up and yes we knew it was going to happen.

* David Fry is sick…in a great way of course.

* The starting pitching is not making me, or anyone say WOW these guys are blowing people away, but it has been good. Your best? Logan Allen and Ben Lively although Tanner Bibee is coming on and Tristan is still not the bad ____ _______ as Salvador Perez called him 2 years ago but is credible.

* The pen? LIGHTS OUT once Skipper found out who he could trust when and where, and you cannot say anything buy HAIL EMMANUAL the way Clase has been pitching. Funny as he seems to always give up one hit in the 9th but to me it’s just a shoulder shrug. At home games he is ROCK STAR coming out to raucous applause as soon as he is shown on the scoreboard traversing the bull pen steps.

* Skipper Vogt is making all the right moves and no doubt I question quite a few like when FRY is not in the lineup.

* I am watching Rocchio with a microscope in the field and he makes me feel better every game. I also now Josh Naylor is always working at improving scooping balls out of the dirt.

* The intellect of the team grows every day too. Take the 3-6-1 DP to put away the Mets last Tuesday. THAT WAS A PLAY OF BEAUTY.

* Amazing too that any ball to Brennan and Arias makes me cringe but they are getting the job done…for the most part.

* The team also is running the bases, playing Cleveland Guardians baseball, like the teams that did not HIT HR’s! Yes, it is reckless at times, but they hustle and get infield hits with the nest of them. Watch JOSE on the bases. Brilliant decisions.

* I also feel Rouglas Odor is learning on the job at 3RD and is getting better every game. Yes, you need experience, but this is the bigs and if you are getting OJT (On the Job Training) you must be a fast learner.

* One of the biggest pluses of this team is they are a FAMILY. They care about each other and wanna pick each other up. That means so much.

* Austin Hedges is so important in the Clubhouse and Dugout. Yes, his at bats drive us crazy at times but he is so important as a veteran leader to this squad.

I drove over the Lorain – Carnegie Bridge a few times last week and seeing the Guardians on either side when you are coming and going gives me chills. I always thought they were cool but did not have the meaning they do now. Remember the CAVS were using them in pregame videos on the “Humungatron” and add the banners that are now on poles along the bridge this is goose bump city.

Talk about chills with this team how about the new CITY CONNECT UNIS?! From the hat down these babies are sick in a great way and the Guardian holding a bat? YES!!

One more and I am simply laughing about this: the haters are miserable, and the team is winning? Why do they hate? The name change and they do not spend enough are the main reasons. In fact, I was on a sports panel at the JCC a few weeks back and a local sportsperson (to use the term loosely) actually said, when comparing winning percentages over the last decade of the Guards and NFL team in town “well the football team spends money!” Pardon freaking me? Since when is winning not the main objective? If the team loses but they spend money it is ok? Take away this person’s mic. Yes, I truly desired that the Guards sign JD Martinez before the season but no doubt you cannot dispute the results of this team so far this season. “Hatas” also say they “cannot trust the owners.” Yeah, go be miserable and give undying loyalty to dishonest and immoral owners who embarrass this city whenever they talk and out down good, community minded CLEVELANDERS who win even with the restraints put on them by MLB.

Now, Guards, play for today and get another W! We’ll see you at The Yard when the team comes back Friday (5/31).

Read more of my musings and thoughts plus “All Good” narratives at and yes indeed #MunchOnSports is powered by Ganley Chevy Of Aurora and the Ken Ganley Automotive Group.

Please take care of each other and it’s your world, pay attention. Always enjoy every sandwich and for now ADIOS AMIGO, long may you run.


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