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Messi has arrived in the USA!

Lionel (Leo) Messi, possibly the greatest soccer player of all time, has made his mark on the MLS in just a short week’s time. And there’s so much more to come from Messi! 

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But of all the people/organizations most pleased with the former FC Barcelona and PSG player, Apple TV+ heads the list.


Messi’s Impact Apple+


This says it all. The economic impact will be monumental with all the new subscribers!


Messi’s Impact on Leagues Cup

Right now, the MLS is on their break for the Leagues Cup. What is the Leagues Cup? It is a World Cup-type tournament with all clubs from the USA (Major League Soccer) and Mexico (Liga MX) dueling for what will be an annual, month-long tournament. Play will be similar in that there will be a group stage then a knockout stage. Each win is worth three points.


There are no ties after 90 minutes, so each club would receive a point in the standings. The two teams then would have a penalty shootout for an additional point.


Messi made his debut for the MLS’ Inter Miami CF at the 55th minute in their first Leagues Cup match and was brilliant.


Creating chances for teammates is one of his unsung abilities. Luis Miguel Echegaray writes for ESPN soccer and he penned perfectly what the 5’ 7” soccer legend from Argentina brings to the pitch.


In a game, he’s his own orchestrator. The first few steps on the pitch begin with a walk, a casual stroll, surveying the rhythm of the game as he parades between opponents … and then, as soon as he receives the ball, the speed dramatically changes.


Inter Miami and David Beckham


Yahoo had a great story on how Inter Miami’s David Beckham (Inter’s President and Co-Owner), MLS, and Messi’s long-time competitor/teammate and friend, Sergio Busquets, beat Saudi Arabia for the Argentine’s services. For the diminutive playmaker, it was all about his wife and children. 


I want to rediscover joy, enjoy my family, my children, the day-to-day. (From Yahoo story)


First Game – Game winning goal!


Nothing like making your first game on US soil a memorable one. Down to literally the final seconds, Messi won it with this amazingly difficult free kick!



A different view for those who think it wasn’t that hard!



Second Game – 2 goals plus an assist!

Here are his two goals against Atlanta United in their second match and win in the tournament. Just pure class and ability!



His impact on North and South America has been immediate and global, from Canada to Mexico to the southern tip of his home, Argentina!


Messi’s Next Games

Messi’s impact could very well catapult him over other international icons like Michael Jordan, Pele, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, and LeBron James. Not that he was an unknown prior. Far be it! But the interest now in soccer has exponentially increased just from his signing on July 16th to today! And his contract includes a piece of the economic impact in North and South America!


Interested in seeing the star? Here are the games Inter Miami is scheduled to play. 


But he is coming to Ohio! Soon!


Cincinnati bound!

Inter Miami and FC Cincinnati are scheduled to battle in the semifinal game for the US Open Cup, a different soccer tournament than the Leagues Cup, on August 23rd.


Tickets for Messi’s trip to Cincinnati (FCC) to battle the top team currently in MLS are right now anywhere from $325 to $2,175! There is no guarantee that Messi will play, but I’m sure MLS is planning on it!




Right now, FCC plays tonight in their second Leagues Cup match. And if they continue their success from the MLS regular season to this tournament, it’s possible that Cincy and Miami will battle in the latter stages of the tournament! Heck, maybe for the title!


William Shakespeare said, Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”


Right now, the world is witnessing the greatest footballer in our time and possibly ever! Tune it to be a part of this amazing ride!


Leagues’ Cup TV

Right now, the only way to watch the group stages is through Apple TV+ on your streaming devices or the app. The knockout games will be posted later. Click for subscription information!


And as we showed you in the Apple TV subscriber chart, this man has eclipsed Taylor Swift’s ability to affect the economy!

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I am a math teacher in SW Ohio. Born and raised in NE Ohio, I am married with four sons who keep the flame burning for all things Cleveland. I cover soccer, betting, football and anything that focuses on the human side of sports.

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