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Loss To The Browns Is Latest Sign The Eagles’ Arrogance Is Catching Up To Them

It is becoming a widespread belief that winning the Super Bowl might have been the worst thing that happened to the Philadelphia Eagles. Punters using the PointsBet Iowa promo code have been waiting three years for the Eagles to reach the top again. Since their incredible win at Minneapolis, the team has been on a steady decline. 

Pundits believe that the Eagles did not handle their most tremendous success with the required proportion of confidence and humility. They have managed a playoff-berth and a playoff victory in 2018-19 and a playoff berth in 2019 -20. This decline has left the fans worried, not knowing what to expect this year. Their 22-17 loss to the Browns in Cleveland is a sign of the team’s degree of decline. 

In the recent past, what has stood out is how the Eagles have been keen to assure its fan base that they are incapable of such regression. Their efforts, big and small, have been setting them up for a bigger fall. If you talk to any coach who has ever won a championship at any sport, they’ll tell you that it is a more significant challenge to maintain the top-level performance over time than it is to achieve it. 

However, it seems the Eagles were taking for granted that they had just begun to get a run on blockbuster performances. In his parade speech, Doug Pederson claimed that Super Bowls were the new normal for the Eagles and went on to write a book about how he outsmarted and outcoached Bill Belichick and why he was just starting. Lane Johnson mocked the Patriots that they were a ‘fear-based organization’ after details of complaints and grudges and conflicting personalities and egos were leaked from their locker room. 

After boasting of the talent he believed he had built up on the roster, Howie Roseman used to pick Jalen Hurts at quarterback in what was termed as an arrogant decision. Many believe that Hurts was at best a backup to Carson Wentz. The arrogance seems to be catching up with them as their performances have been abysmal. 

The Eagles also persist on playing Jason Peters at left tackle even though he left the pitch two times with injuries in the Sunday game. Furthermore, he was awful when on the field. The team’s pleasant surprises are Travis Fulgham and Richard Rodgers, who the Eagles had cut then brought back. 

Wentz also seems lost at the moment. He is playing what is arguably the worst football of his career. Pederson claimed that benching Wentz for Hurts would be him telling the team that he had given up on the season. 

However, if you consider their last decade, you’ll find that their Super Bowl season was an incongruity. In case they finish the campaign with a sub-.500 record they will have had as many non-winning seasons in the past decade as they have had winning seasons. The truth is, the party is over, and Graham’s promises and assurances are slowly turning into empty promises. Their arrogance is indeed catching up with them!

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