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Best Cleveland Cavaliers Games In The Upcoming Season

Kevin Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers 2023/24 season started last month. The NBA has already released the full season schedule, and fans and bookies are looking forward to a great season with a lot of exciting games.

We’ll dive deep into the schedule and outline some of the best games to watch out for. Those who plan to bet on some of these games should check the game availability on crypto casinos since many sports betting establishments are preparing special events on odds for some of the upcoming games.

vs. Dallas Mavericks on Feb. 27

Watching Luka Doncic is always one of the best experiences of the season. Doncic didn’t play in Cleveland last year and he’s expected to be on the court in February so the hype is running high. He’s truly a master of finding angles to score and setting up his teammates as well.

At the same time, Kyrie Irving is returning to Cleveland for the first time since the trade six years ago. Considering how rare it is for Irving to play in Cleveland the whole match is going to be a treat for the fans.

vs. Boston Celtics on March 5

This game hits the sweet spot in the season. It’s scheduled a month after the trade deadline and a month prior to the postseason. Therefore, it’s where both teams will truly show what they can accomplish for the rest of the season.

Celtics are an interesting team for the Eastern Conference as they are the only team that plays small five-out lineups. Shooting from every position can prove to be a challenge for the Cavaliers as neither Jarrett Allen nor Evan Mobley have been at the top of their game when it comes to defense.

Philadelphia 76ers on Nov. 21

In-season tournaments are often nothing to get excited about, but we’ve decided to add to the list as it can be an interesting game and a nice break from the regular matches of the season. Every team will play every other team in the group once and the 76ers are probably the best team in the group.

James Harden has returned to training with the Philadelphia 76ers, but it’s not yet clear if he’ll stay long enough to play against Cleveland. Regardless of how it works out, this will be the best match for group A.

vs. Miami Heat on Nov. 22

Not much is expected from this game when it comes to the quality of the basketball. It’s also part of the in-season tournament and that’s always a letdown at least for most fans. However, there are other reasons this game has made it to our list. This will mark the first time Kevin Love returns to Cleveland since being bought out last February.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s debatable if that deal was good for the team given the Cavs need veteran leadership, shooting, and rebounding in the playoffs. However, Love is a legend and much-loved by the fans so it will be a treat to see him on the court again.

Milwaukee Bucks on Jan. 26

The Cavs are playing two games against the Milwaukee Bucks this season and this is the second one. Such miniseries are often interesting to both the fans and those who bet on the outcome. The second game is often a chance to switch things up and try some new plays. This is when things go wrong for betting and where you can win big if you’re lucky.

This is the game to watch if you want to know what the team’s weaknesses are and what will change between the two games.

vs. Denver Nuggets on Nov. 19

This is the chance to see Nikola Jokic live and Cav fans are eager for the opportunity. Last time Nikola Jokic played against the Cleveland Cavaliers – it was his best game of the season and it was a treat to watch regardless of the score.

Evan Mobley is also the one to watch as he’s a match for Jokic, due to his imposing physique and mobility. It will be a great opportunity how far Mobley has improved since the mid-season.

 vs. Brooklyn Nets in Paris on Jan. 11

This will be the third international contest in the franchise’s history and the first time for the Cavs to play a regular season game abroad. Just for that, it’s worth the watch, as it’s one for the history books.

Such games based abroad were played in Brazil and China in 2014 and 2007 respectively. A trip across the Atlantic for a single game isn’t really ideal for the team and the players may feel the consequences of it for the next couple of games, but it will be memorable at least.

Memphis Grizzlies on Feb. 1 

This match was always the best in the season at least in the last couple of years and the most eventful. Last year there was a fight on the court between Donovan Mitchel and Dillon Brooks. He no longer plays for the Grizzlies but the rivalry between the two teams is there and it brings the court to a boiling atmosphere.

The second game between the two will be in April and at that point, both teams will be resting key players for more important games. The one in February is therefore the one to watch.

Los Angeles Lakers on Nov. 25

Every time LeBron James comes back to his home state, the fans are in for a great game. He keeps coming back for the last two decades and every time we had a great show regardless of the score at the end. Over the years the home team has won only two times, however.

The second time was last season and just as Michel arrived in Cleveland, with an impressive 17 points in the fourth quarter of the game. Fans sure hope they could see something like that again in this game.

New York Knicks on Oct. 31

The Cavs had a pretty embarrassing game against the Knicks last season and the fans haven’t recovered from it yet. It’s also pretty bad to compare yourself to the Knicks when their team is so unremarkable for a few seasons now.

It would be great if the Cavs were able to get past the dark cloud that’s been hanging over their heads with this game and simply move on by coming out strong and taking care of business. At least that’s what the fans are looking for, which is kind of a pressure on the team.

To Sum Up

Great matches are coming up for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the next season. The schedule is already out and the sports betting sites are ready and so are the fans. The team is great this season and it may be time to settle some scores from the previous few seasons.

Following these games will also be a chance to see some of the best teams in the league and some of the top players, often on the other side of the Cavs, but that’s part of the fun. 

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