TMZ: Browns Rookie Antonio Callaway Had Gun Parts and Ammo in Car During Stop

On Tuesday afternoon a story broke that Browns rookie wide out Antonio Callaway was pulled over and cited for driving with a suspended license and possession of marijuana. On Wednesday, new information was released.

First reported by TMZ Sports, the fourth round pick also had the backstrap of a Glock and  “several rounds of ammo” in his car, too.

Video has surfaced of the traffic stop and you can see the officer get serious when the ammo and gun part is found. Callaway notified the officer that there was no gun in the vehicle and his claim was confirmed.

In the TMZ article it states that the officer felt bad for busting Callaway. It goes on to say he was not drunk or high and was polite during the arrest.

Browns coach Hue Jackson admitted on Tuesday that this was another red flag and Callaway had not notified the Browns that he was pulled over early Monday morning.

Callaway’s arrest story came not long after Browns fans were made aware that former first round pick Corey Coleman had been traded to the Buffalo Bills.

This new information is definitely alarming and will be added to a list of incidents dating back to his college days. The Cleveland Browns are trying to change their culture and some will question if it’s wise to have a player like Callaway on the roster. The Browns already have one receiver, Josh Gordon, that has a history of drug issues and other off the field incidents. Though Gordon seems to have turned a corner, one may question if having Callaway could have a negative influence on Gordon’s progress when he returns to the team.

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