LeBron Speaks On Isaiah Thomas’ Eventual Return To Action, Potentially Takes Dig At Kyrie

In the never-ending cycle of subtweets and subtle shots at a former friend or rival, LeBron James has ignited the firestorm that involves former running mate Kyrie Irving.

James talked to Bleacher Report this past weekend and had some rather interesting words to say:

James talks about the return of his new point guard Isaiah Thomas, who was acquired by Cleveland in the Kyrie Irving trade over the summer. Thomas has not been in game action since being a member of the Cavaliers and as a result, the Cavs have been missing an element of their team’s game to start up the year. Thomas is not expected back until close to the new year and Cleveland has been looking for anything to take off a little bit of the sting that losing Thomas has on them.

Though LeBron is right in his assessment that the Cavs are missing another go-to guy, is this a dig at Irving at the same time? James and Irving have both been quietly open about how they feel about the situation that transpired over the summer and it wouldn’t shock anyone if the quote above was a shot at the former Cavaliers point guard.

The point in the quote that makes most believe this is about Kyrie is where LeBron says it’s ‘been a while’ since he’s had this go-to guy. That’s awfully confusing considering Irving was a teammate of James for the last three seasons. Depending on what “The King” considers a while, it will be up for each person’s interpretation for how they view his transcribed words.

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