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Cavaliers Going to Work

Ascavs we all may know the Cleveland Cavaliers started off the season last Tuesday against the New York Knicks in which the Cavs won by an absurd 29 points, and there was no other way to come back after a title run. The question that will remain on every fan’s mind this entire season will be if the Cavaliers can repeat which is by far not an easy task at hand when you have injuries you will face and let alone the 82 games in the season plus 12 wins in the post season to even make it to the NBA Finals.

As for now Kyrie Irving is the leading scorer for the team after four games and he’s averaging 26.8 points a game, while LeBron seems to be sitting in the backseat this portion of the season averaging only 20.5 points a game. But for LeBron James he definitely knows how to be a threat on the court at all times since now he’s becoming more of lebronthe point guard for the Cavaliers averaging 9.5 assists a game along with 9.5 rebounds a game, that’s basically a triple-double a game for those of you who weren’t aware.

Now it’s easy to give all the credit to LeBron or Kyrie but how about a little credit to Kevin Love (averaging 21 points and 8 rebounds per game) who has stepped up offensively but more importantly defensively, the efforts he is making on the court in the late stretch of the games with steals and lockdown defense. The most important thing with this roster is keeping Love in the flow of things by getting him touches, the more he touches the ball he seems to find a rhythm. This is Love’s third season with the Cavaliers and he looks more poised than ever with more aggressive moves to the basket.

dscn0063As for J.R. Smith who plays a vital role to the Cavaliers lineup isn’t looking too bad neither  averaging 12 points per matchup. If you ask me this lineup we have here in Cleveland is deep and talented, with additions of Mike Dunleavy and Chris “Birdman” Anderson it gives the Cavaliers have a lot of bench support in which they can score and spread the floor. I guess you can say it’s obvious the Cavs will be headache throughout this season whether its a Western Conference or Eastern Conference team.

In the Cavaliers last matchup against Houston(November 1st) they won at home 128-120, we were able to witness history because in that 4th quarter of the game as team they shdscn0059ot 87% from the field only missing two shots the whole quarter, which had us all in awe. Unfortunately, for Houston the ball movement and fast-paced offense that Tyronn Lue encourages was just too much for the Rockets and he was quick to address that to the media after the game he was just happy to get away from yesterday’s matchup with a win, since James Harden finished the game with 41 points and 15 assists.

As for the Cleveland Cavaliers(4-0) they will face Boston Celtics(2-1 pending results from tonight’s game vs Chicago Bulls) tomorrow at home which is scheduled to start at 8pm, as for the Houston Rockets they will be traveling to take on the Knicks in New York tonight and that matchup starts at 730pm.

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