While Browns Sit At 0-9, Chris McNeil Starts To Handle “Perfect Season Parade” Logistics

Following the Cleveland Browns’ 38-24 loss to the Detroit Lions this past Sunday, the team moved to 0-9 and 1-24 under Hue Jackson in his first two seasons as Cleveland’s head coach. It was a disappointing finish once again for the Cleveland fans that gather around their television sets or even head out to FirstEnergy Stadium and watch the weekly letdown in person. But oddly enough, the loss is helping one Cleveland fan get closer to a personal goal to make Clevelanders happy.

Chris McNeil, known on Twitter by his alias “Reflog_18”, is working on setting up the Browns’ “Perfect Season Parade” for the second season in a row. McNeil attempted to have the sarcastic celebration last year for the misinformed organization but had his plans thwarted by a Cleveland victory on Christmas Eve against the then-San Diego Chargers. All of the $10,000 of parade money was donated to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and the team matched the parade’s funding with $10,000 of their own as well. It was a weird time to be a Browns fan, as winning one game really doesn’t make you feel that much better than going winless. Also, the sheer look on everybody’s face during the city-approved parade was something that most were excited to see. Alas, it was not to be in 2016.

Luckily for fans, McNeil is back at it again and is in the process of setting up the parade as we write this article.

McNeil talks about all of the exciting parts of a parade, including floats to be run through downtown Cleveland if the Browns fail to win a game and do in fact go 0-16.

As was the case last year, McNeil will send all of the parade’s proceeds to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank if the Browns pull off a victory in their final seven games. The Browns will have a chance to secure that victory as soon as this Sunday at FirstEnergy Stadium against the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars.

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