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WWE Monday Night RAW Hot Takes

RAW opens up with Kurt Angle telling us that tonight Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will get a shot at Sheamus and Cesaro’s Raw tag team titles.

Take = Well, that’s nice that Rollins and Ambrose get a shot at getting their belts back, but that is your main event?  

Up Next an impromptu Intercontinental Title Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs Jason Jordan after Jordan calls out Reigns.  Samoa Joe also comes out and talks a little trash.  In the end, Angle awards his son with the title match.  To the surprise of no one, Reigns retains as the match goes two segments.

After the match Joe hits the ring and attacks Reigns. Joe puts Reigns in the Coquina Clutch but Jordan pulls Joe off of Reigns and suplexes him. Jordan and Joe exchange words. Jordan turns around and Reigns Superman punches Jordan.

Take = Good booking here.  They are getting the fans excited about Reigns and Joe renewing their feud and also keeping the heel heat on Jordan.  It shouldn’t be much longer until Jordan goes full heel, turning on his father.  Also, Joe apparently still has a lot of the rub Lesnar put on him this summer.  The fans are behind the ultra-heelish Joe.

Absolution delivers another beat down to Sasha Banks

Take = This group is getting over.  They will eventually need to spice it up with a little something different.  For now, however, it is working perfectly.

Backstage, Enzo Amore is with Drew Gulak, Noam Dar, Ariya Daivari, and Tony Neese. Enzo berates Daivari and Dar for losing last week.  After the verbal lashing is done, Amore turns around and is face to face with the beastly Nia Jax who hits on him.

Take 1 of 2 = 205 Live is still a thing?

Take 2 of 2 = At least they are tyring to do something, anything with Nia Jax.  Amore has proven he works well with bigger figures in stature.  Such as Big Cass, and Big Show for example.  Big Jax?

Next week Gulak will face Rich Swann to become the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship.  After the match, Gulak tries to show us his power point presentation but as always he gets cut off.

Take = Again, 205 Live is still a thing?  Enjoy that match next week Cleveland fans because I have a feeling this entire division is fading fast.

After a Braun Strowman beatdown of Elias, Kane challenges him to a match next week on RAW.

Take – Okay Cleveland fans, that truly is something to get excited about!  Kane will do what he has been doing for the last 20 years and put someone over.

Asuka defeats Foxy who is then beat down by Absolution.

Take = Two building stories advanced in one segment.  Nice work all around!

Finn Bálor defeats Bo Dallas w/Curtis Axel

Take = Axel and Dallas killing time while The Miz is out filming a movie.  As for Balor, he is so over with the fans, it is almost Daniel Bryan like.

In a mashed-up Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt promo, it is announced that Matt Hardy is “Woken”.

Take = EXCELLENT!  Oh my was this good.  Both characters playing their roles perfectly and the crowd was red hot for Hardy.  Matt Hardy playing the role he was born to play.  Let the fun begin! Rest up Jeff, because Brother Nero needs to happen as well.

Finally, “The Bar” retains the title with a wild win over Rollins and Ambrose.

Take = Not sure what this main event did to advance anything. 














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