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WWE Hell in the Cell 2016 – Triple Threat Predictions

The Monday Night Raw Pay Per View is tonight, live on the WWE network. It will feature all Monday Night Raw Superstars and should prove to be very interesting.

The Triple Threat of Eli, Payton and Vince, have broken it down for you once again, match by match and here it is.

Eli’s Picks

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara vs Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari-

No storyline in this match, so just look for fast-paced offense. The team of Alexander will win.
Winners: Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara

Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn

This could spell doom for Zayn or Strowman. Somebody has to lose, and that somebody could be Zayn. The WWE has spent too much time building up Strowman to just end his run abruptly. Look for a Strowman victory.

Winner: Braun Strowman

Bayley vs Dana Brooke

Congratulations WWE, you’re single-handedly destroying Bayley. Dana Brooke has not been ready since her call-up and now she is being built as a contender at the expense of Bayley. Incredible. Bayley needs to win. I repeats, NEEDS to win.
Winner: Bayley

Enzo and Cass vs Gallows and Anderson

Enzo and Cass have had the upper-hand on The Club, which is being destroyed week by week. The Raw Tag Team Title situation is so confusing, as these two well-oiled machine of teams are fighting each other while the dysfunctional Sheamus and Cesaro are fighting for the titles. Please let Hell In A Cell be the start of The Club winning big matches, or just stop using them.

Winners: The Club

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick

TJ Perkins will continue his run as the champion, as Brian Kendrick will move to the back of the line.

Winner: TJ Perkins

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro

The New Day won’t lose until the end of the year. Cesaro and Sheamus is interesting, but puzzling when you have two tag teams very capable of holding the titles after The New Day.

Winners: The New Day

US Championship Match: Roman Reigns vs Rusev

Roman Reigns has been built up properly this time, as his feud with Rusev is very compelling. Rusev will move on to other things, as Roman could welcome a very intriguing competitor as his next feud.

Winner: Roman Reigns

WWE Universal Championship Match: Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

KO is finally at the top spot, but it really hasn’t felt great. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Rollins’ real feud is with Triple H. Look for Jericho to help out KO and then turn on him.

Winner: Kevin Owens

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

That’s what will be the main storyline when these two women enter the Cell. Can Charlotte win the belt again? I don’t think so.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Payton’s Picks

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara vs Tony Nese, DrewGulak and Ariya Daivari:

I think that the Cruiserweight Division is used in the wrong way already. They are throwing together tag teams, without a backstory for the casual fan. If you are going to do things like this include the Cruiserweight in the tag team division. This will be a spot fest and be cool for fans to see , I guess you can consider this a Cruiserweight Showcase.

WINNERS: Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado, and Sin Cara

Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn:

Zayn has decided to step up and challenge Strowman that wants more competition. I think you will see Zayn lose here and Strowman will continue his roll until the debut of Samoa Joe.

WINNER: Braun Strowman

Bayley vs Dana Brooke:

So not only has Bayley and Dana Brooke competed in an Arm Wrestling competition, which is demeaning in my opinion, after all the progress the Division has made. The WWE is not helping out the Women’s Division with these two and it has not helped either competitor out , especially Bayley.

WINNER: Bayley and goes on to face Nia Jax

Enzo and Cass vs Gallows and Anderson:

The Tag Team Division isn’t making much sense, now we have trios of Shining Stars plus Titus O’Neil and Golden Truth with Mark Henry. I see these two feuding for two months unfortunately. Both teams need the victory in this one.

WINNER: Enzo and Cass , I don’t see The Club gaining a victory in this, seems like WWE doesn’t care. Think the best possible thing for The Club is if at Survivor Series, SmackDown Live wins the tag team match and gets a team of their choice, SmackDown can save The Club.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick

Perkins and Kendrick has developed into something really strange with Kendrick begging and pleading that he needs TJ to give him the victory or else his career will be over. Think if Kendrick loses here he is done.

WINNER: Brian Kendrick and New Cruiserweight Champ.

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro

Sheamus and Cesaro are forced to team up if they want a shot at a championship. The team has beaten The New Day on the go home show of RAW before the PPV, cleanly. The New Day will be looking to extend their reign to 433+ days , which I think they pull off here.

WINNER: The New Day

US Championship Match:Roman Reigns vs Rusev

Rusev and Reigns has developed into a very interesting feud. Rusev has decided to grow out a beard too. I like the fact that Rusev still is fighting Roman Reigns for the point of him embarrassing his wife. Not to often in WWE do they stick to the storyline for this period of a time. This match will be brutal.

WINNER: Roman Reigns

WWE Universal Championship Match:Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens has got the Super Push since Finn Balor has been injured. Owens has been carrying the new title and has brought a lot of heel heat along with it. Chris Jericho has been Owens right hand man for sometime now. I think that Jericho tries to help out his buddy Owens but it ends up biting them both in the rear end. That would be a build of a turn for one of the two.

WINNER: Seth Rollins and New Universal Champion

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

I do not see this match being the main event at Hell in a Cell. There has not been enough hype behind it ahead of time ,they should capitalize on this being the main event ahead of time instead of the night of. If WWE decided to let these to women Main Event, they would be making a huge mistake by not hyping this up ahead of time. This match is bound to make history nonetheless but I think we will be seeing this in the middle of the card. Also I think fans are going to see some crazy spots between these two women that will leave you saying OH MY!

WINNER: Sasha Banks

Vince’s Picks

Cedric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara vs Tony Nese, Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari

As both of my co-horts said, there is no story line going into this match, thus it is really just a way to get people tuned it to and exposed to the product. I would also expect the match to be filled with high spots, and because of the non-storyline aspect.
I’ll pick the face team of Ced ric Alexander, Lince Dorado and Sin Cara as well.

Braun Strowman vs Sami Zayn

It’s the WWE’s 2000’s version of the Brooklyn Brawler or Virgil if you will, in Sami Zayn against Strowman. This is simple, the guy who never wins against the guy who hasn’t lost.

Picking Strowman all the way here as they continue to build him up to eventually fight Samoa Joe.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke

Once again, I agree with my partners on this one. Terrible job thus far with this one, they are doing nothing for either woman.
Bailey needs to win this one, and I believe she will.

Enzo and Cass vs Gallows and Anderson:

Enzo and Cass are so over they don’t even need microphones and the crowd will chant their entire sing along with them. Great stuff out of them. The Bullet Club seem to have stalled out and will need to win this to re-boot.
I believe the WWE creative team is smart enough to realize this, I’m picking the Club.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match: TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick

The WWE is ruining the division with feuds like this. They did not need to give it the cheesy dramatic storyline that they did. This division doesn’t need storylines but just the pure excellent athletic ability the competitors in it have.

With that being said, I think they pull a swerve on everyone and actually have Kendrick win this.

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro

The WWE would shoot themselves in the foot here, but having the longest reigning tag team champions lose to a made up team. No way they can be that dumb, can they?

Hope not, and that is why I’m also picking the New Day.

US Championship Match: Roman Reigns vs Rusev

This feud needs to end although both men have done a great job with it. I think Reigns is starting to turn the corner towards yet another World Title run by Wrestlemania. I still believe the perfect feud for him would be the Undertaker or John Cena, although it would take a lot of switching around things to make that occur.

In the meantime, he drops the strap back to Rusev on this one, and moves onto to something else for the rest of 2016.

WWE Universal Championship Match: Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

Wow, Payton and Eli with two totally different looks at this one. I will tell you what, both can happen, but I think it will be a hybrid of Eli’s pick on this one. I believe that yes, the true feud coming out of this will be HHH vs Rollins as expected. They will need to fill 70,000 in the house at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio and will count on Rollins vs HHH to get that done.

In the meantime, it is a great problem to have because Owens is doing a great job as a heel champ, and you don’t want to see that stop either.

I agree with Eli that Owns will cheat to win, but I do not see Jericho turning on him, YET.

WWE Women’s Championship Match: Sasha Banks vs Charlotte

This should be the main event, but sadly, it won’t. Fingers crossed they do the right thing. The WWE made an interesting choice at No Mercy by starting off the card with the Title Match of Cena vs Ambrose vs AJ. It single handily ruined the rest of the card in a dismal PPV. With a 3 Hell in the Cell Card, they will really have to spread them out timely in this one.

As for the match, the title bounces back to Charlotte as the WWE simply doesn’t trust that aching back of Banks.

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