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WRESTLEMANIA TOP FIVE: Most Shocking Moments!

Second Most Shocking Moment In WrestleMania History

Stone Cold Steve Austin turns heel and joins his arch rival Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania X7


How desperate was Stone Cold Steve Austin to win back his title?  He enlisted the help of his mortal enemy Mr. Vince McMahon to help defeat The Rock.  Since late 1997, the two had gone back and forth in a epic feud that will never again be duplicated, no one saw this coming!

While the run of Austin as a “bad guy” never really caught on, this moment will live in Wrestling Lore forever!  Who can ever forget Austin and McMahon clanging together beer cans and smiling together as the show went off the air in front of millions of stunned fans at home, and thousands in the arena. This moment can easily be number one on any list, but this time, quite honestly, IT LOST THE COIN TOSS!

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