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WrestleMania 33 Predictions- Moon, Alford And Vince

NEOSI has been doing predictions for WrestleMania 33 all week and Anthony Alford, Payton Vince and myself have provided our predictions for The Show Of Shows below.

Roman Reigns vs. The Undertaker- 

AA: This could be the closing match of the show. I don’t hate Reigns now as much as I did a couple of years ago. Reigns has more range as a character and can put on good matches. Seriously, name a bad Roman Reigns match… So despite this being an Undertaker match, it’s all about putting over Reigns.
Winner: Reigns wins (24:00) and he doesn’t turn heel.

PV: This will be the Undertaker’s final match by the looks of it. I think Taker will put over two huge beasts though. Notice how I did not pick Braun Strowman to win the Andre the Giant battle Royal? He makes an impact during this match interfering on behalf of Roman Reigns because Strowman is seeking revenge of Taker chokeslamming him. Reigns pins the Undertaker and gets booed out of Orlando but the Undertaker is not out of the woods yet. Braun Strowman attacks Undertaker beating him to a pulp and that will be the last you see of the Undertaker.

Winner: Roman Reigns

EM: This is almost inevitable. Reigns is the face of the WWE, whether fans like him or not. The Undertaker is on his last legs in the ring and will eventually have to retire. This match will be a true test to see if Reigns can carry a match, but it definitely won’t be a test to see if fans like him. Awfully bold by Vince and company to put this match on last, at least that’s what the reports say according to Dave Meltzer. The Big Dog gets a monumental win on The Grandest Stage Of Them All.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Universal Title Match: (C) Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar-

AA: Of course this is gonna be a longer match. For a Brock victory, I take you back to Starrcade ’98. The stun gun finish will repeat itself.
Winner: Lesnar wins (10:00)

PV: Brock Lesnar will win and there is a rumor going around that this match will go 12 minutes or so and I think that is a huge mistake. Goldberg reportedly has not taken bumps while training to come back besides the F5 he took a few weeks back. Goldberg might be done wrestling after this and if that is the case you may see him as the new RAW GM but I think Lesnar avenges his previous losses against Goldberg and become the new Universal Champion.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

EM: If Lesnar loses this match, both he and Goldberg should retire afterward because his credibility will be completely gone. I expect this match to go 8-10 minutes, exceeding everyone’s expectations. Goldberg goes for a ride on Suplex City and finishes his in-ring career on his back.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

WWE Championship Match: (C) Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

AA: For a storyline that has lasted for 7 months, this has been a highly successful 6 month storyline. However this storyline has fallen on hard times going into Mania. But this match is my sleeper match of the night. Orton has to win…right? If Orton wins, then what’s the point of Wyatt’s character? If Bray wins, this 7 month storyline is over just like that? Believe it or not, this storyline still has legs if Orton wins.
Winner: Orton wins (21:00)

PV: Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton have possibly the best story leading up to their match at WrestleMania. I don’t think Wyatt wins cleanly though, I have a feeling you see a returning Erick Rowan help out Bray to retain his championship.

Winner: Wyatt retains

EM: What do you do with Wyatt if he loses? He has spent so much time in feuds without a title at stake and in most of those feuds, he has been his comeuppance. So here we are, watching Bray take on one of the best wrestlers of this era and most expect him to get the win? No way. Orton has another Mania moment as he has a great turnaround in the last half year. From laying beaten and battered at Summerslam at the hands of Brock Lesnar to holding the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 33. Expect it.

Winner: Randy Orton

Seth Rollins vs. Triple H (Non-Sanctioned Match)

AA: Joe is not on this card. He will interfere in this match and cost Rollins the win, setting up Rollins/Joe for the spring.
Triple H wins (30:00) Upset pick of the night.

PV: This match is unsanctioned which means anything goes. Rollins has wanted to get a piece of Triple H for some time now and I do not see him defeating HHH without some help. I see Samoa Joe helping out HHH some time throughout this match but I think after Rollins is beat down by both Joe and Triple H , Finn Balor’s music hits and he evens the odds and helps Rollins emerge victorious.

WINNER: Seth Rollins

EM: Cue Finn Balor. The No-DQ (or non-sanctioned match, same thing) stipulation opens up a realm of possibilities. This match will not just include Rollins and HHH. Samoa Joe could get involved, as well as Kevin Owens. But the one that would make the most sense is Balor. Think about it. Rollins cost Balor time on the main roster and a chance to defend his Universal Title. I don’t care what anyone says, that would make me angry enough to destroy someone’s Mania if given the chance. Though Balor has been used as a face during his return to house shows and even denied Triple H’s “Too Sweet” with a Bullet Club gesture, I expect it all to be a ploy. Balor goes back to his heelish roots that put the Bullet Club on the map and helps HHH get the win. And that’s Too Sweet.

Winner: Triple H

AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon-

AA: Look for those who are complaining about AJ fighting Shane, remember, HBK once fought Vince at Mania. So yeah this is a match AJ will have to carry. But expect a ref bump somewhere to set up Shane in his element. Even though Shane is a “part-time” wrestler, he is on television every week so this storyline might not end after Mania. Styles shouldn’t lose this match but I can’t envision Shane losing this match at Mania.
Winner: Shane wins (18:00)

PV: Shane McMahon will do something crazy to woo the fans and AJ Styles will win the match in heel fashion.

Winner: AJ Styles

EM: Though most are upset with this match, it could be a show-stealer. I’ll be honest, I was among those saying this was a waste of Styles’ talent. But think about it this way. Styles will probably get a higher spot on the card with this match, so the time allotted for him to wrestle is probably significantly longer than his match at The Show of Shows against Y2J last year. Also, McMahon is crazy. Like, legitimately insane when it comes to dangerous spots. The WWE built a roller coaster set and I refuse to believe that McMahon will not do something absolutely dangerous and memorable. Styles HAS to win here though, all fun aside. If he loses, the WWE could be in trouble with fans by jeopardizing the credibility of The Phenomenal One.

Winner: AJ Styles

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

AA: Miz and Maryse are staying and Cena and Nikki are taking time off. And the marriage proposal has to happen as well.
Winners: Miz/Maryse wins (17:00) Cena marriage proposal afterwards.

PV: This match has me really excited honestly when the rumors flew around the internet about this match happening I hated the idea but boy did my mind change. Cena and Miz has brought the heat between each other and makes it seem they legitmately hate each other. Cena and Nikki win and after the match Cena gives something that Nikki has wanted for a while, a ring.

WINNER: Cena and Nikki

EM: As much as The Miz deserves this win based off the last year he has had. Unfortunately, this is WrestleMania and Cena has only suffered three losses at Mania. And though The Miz is one of his losses, lightning will not strike twice for Miz and his wife Maryse. Bella gets the win for the team, as she might be wrestling in her final Mania. Afterwards, Cena proposes to Bella. Because why else would they pair these two up now?

Winners: John Cena & Nikki Bella

RAW Women’s Championship: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax

AA: Welcome to Week 40 of the Charlotte/Bayley/Sasha show featuring special guest Nia Jax. If I was booking this match, Nia Jax would win this match, hold the title for a year before Asuka beats her at Wrestlemania 34. But instead Nia Jax will be quickly eliminated first, Bayley will eliminate Charlotte and Sasha will eliminate Bayley to win the title.
Winner: Sasha wins (26:00)

PV: It will come down to Bayley, Charlotte and Sasha and at that moment Sasha will turn on her friend Bayley because of pure jealousy. After Charlotte picks the bones of the attack of Bayley, Sasha will put Charlotte in the Bank Statement to win the RAW Women’s Championship.

WINNER: Sasha Banks

EM: This will be a very good match, though it should’ve been a Triple Threat match between Bayley, Banks and Flair. Jax is still too green of a wrestler to get this spotlight. But I guess when you have such a small core of women wrestlers you use, this is what you get. Bayley wins to retain the title, but Banks turns on her after.

Winner: Bayley

U.S. Title: (C) Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens

AA: Triple H and Chris Jericho are always expected to lose at Mania. I’m I the only one who notices that? No way they both win on the same night right? Wrong! Jericho will get a feel good Mania victory. These two will face off again at Payback where Owens will write Jericho off television.
Winner: Jericho wins (20:00)

PV: Chris Jericho may or may not have hurt his ankle MAAAAANNNN but he did post a tweet regarding that on April Fools Day. Jericho is going to be leaving on tour with Fozzy here shortly and will not bring the United States Championship with him.

Winner: Kevin Owens

EM: Jericho is going on tour with Fozzy, which means Owens should win this match. Maybe, just maybe, we can finally get a consistent schedule of U.S. Title defenses?

Winner: Kevin Owens

Intercontinental Title: (C) Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin

AA: This match will be moved to the preshow to filp-flop with the Smackdown Women’s Title match. This story is so important, neither man appeared on Smackdown last week. Since this is on the preshow.
Ambrose wins (11:00)

PV: This match might steal the show. Corbin will defeat Ambrose for the IC Championship. Corbin becoming the new champ will help spark plug his career and with a loss Ambrose is not hurt too much.

Winner: Baron Corbin

EM: The WWE kinda owes Ambrose after a rough match last year at WM32. Look for Ambrose to retain here in a good showing by both competitors, just for Corbin to take the title next month.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

RAW Tag Team Championships: Gallows & Anderson vs. Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Enzo Amore & Big Cass-

AA: Let’s see, who has not held the tag titles yet…. Oh I got it.
Winners: Enzo and Big Cass wins (22:00)

PV: Enzo and Cass become new RAW Tag Team Champs and I can see Enzo doing a dive off of the ladder. This match should be a fun one and I think after the match you can expect a promo from the Broken Hardys proclaiming that they will go on to delete everyone in the RAW Tag Team Division.

Winners: Enzo and Cass

EM: Man, I hope The Club retains and joins a potential HHH heel faction. I’m going to go with The Club just because I think they deserve to continue their reign.

Winners: The Club

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss vs. All-

AA: Glow in the dark entrance, Naomi wrestling in her hometown, and an incomplete storyline with Naomi with the title.
Winner: Naomi wins (14:00)

PV: Naomi made her return this past Tuesday on Smackdown Live and inserted herself in the match for the Womens championship that she had to vacate. Naomi gets her big moment in her hometown of Orlando and comes away with the SD Womens Championship. Also you can expect some surprises in this match, there will not be 6 participants as stated.

Winner: Naomi

EM: This is a hard match to predict, but I’ll take Mickie James here by stunning Naomi in her hometown.

Winner: Mickie James

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: (C) Neville vs. Austin Aries-

AA: While Neville is the Triple H of the cruiserweights, Aries is the face of this division.
Winner: Aries wins (15:00)

PV: A double has had a headof steam since making his debut and I think the seeds have already been planted for Aries to become champ. Neville needed this run as champ but I think he drops it tonight.

Winner: Aries

EM: Aries is going to win the title, but what a rebirth by Neville. This will be one of, if not the best, match on the card.

Winner: Austin Aries

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

AA: Braun Strowman is all you need.
Winner: Strowman wins (17:00)

PV: WWE has already announced that Tian Bing and Killian Dain are participants but I have a feeling those are no the only surprises. I have a feeling you might see the likes of Johnny Gargano come up for the battle royal and go on to win it.

Winner: Surprise Entrant wins

EM: I hope Big Show wins this in his last WrestleMania. He deserves it for all of the hard work he has put in. Shaq bailed out of their match, but Show put in work to get in tremendous shape. Hopefully Show wins this.

Winner: Big Show

Elijah Mooneyham has been a dedicated sports fan his whole life. Born and raised in Cleveland, he has his best days when his hometown teams are winning. Elijah is currently on-air talent/producer on two shows, The Main Event and The Moon Hour, where you can find on He also has an insane passion for professional wrestling, so catch his opinions on the world of professional wrestling.

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