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Remembering The Greatest Moments In WWE Survivor Series History

Over the years, the WWF now WWE Survivor Series has seen some of the biggest debuts, swerves and title changes in history.  Let us all take a look back at some of the biggest ones from each even over the 30 years!

1987 – The return of Andre The Giant for the first time since WrestleMania III

1988 – Mr. Fuji turns on Demolition to manage The Powers of Pain in one of the original “double turns” of pro wrestling.

1989 – A locker room attack sets up the Epic “ No Hold Barred Match” between Zeus & Macho Man versus Hulk Hogan & Brutus The Barber Beefcake. 

1990 – The Undertaker debuted as a member of The Million Dollar Team.

1991 – The Undertaker defeated Hulk Hogan for the World Title with help from Ric Flair

1992 – Mr. Perfect makes his return to the ring.

1993 – Owen Hart shows the first sign of dissension in the vaunted Hart family.

1994 – Bret Hart was swerved by brother Owen, dropping the title to Bob Backlund.

1995 – Bret Hart wins the title back, causing then champ Diesel to turn heel immediately after the loss.

1996 – Who will ever forget the dramatic return of Bret Hart as he took on the young and upcoming Stone Cold Steve Austin?  Also on the card, Pschyo Sid took the belt off of “friend” Shawn Michaels after causing his mentor Jose Lothario to have a heart attack at ringside.  Not to mention the debut of a young superstar who would go on to be known as “The Rock”. 

1997 – Can you say Montreal Screwjob?

1998 – The Rock wins a tournament for the vacant WWF championship, joining the “evil” Corporation in the process.

1999 – Stone Cold Steve Austin gets run over by a car, driven by Rikishi and planned by HHH.

2000 – Chyna and Chris Jericho put on a classic for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

2001 – The greatest Survivor Series of all time as WCW battles WWF for a winner take all!

2002 – The first Elimination Chamber Match see’s Shawn Michaels win the World Championship after sitting on the sidelines for nearly five years with a back injury.

2003 – Mr. McMahon buries the “Biker Version” Undertaker for good.

2004 – Cleveland hosts the Survivor series for the fourth time.  (87,88 and 92)

2005 – Booker T and Chris Benoit engage in a classic that will now be ignored by the WWE forever.

2006 – CM Punk, DX and The Hardy Boyz form the greatest team in Survivor Series History

2007 – A returning Edge ruins the Batista versus Undertaker Main event

2008 – John Cena comes back from injury to win the World Championship from Chris Jericho in front of his home town Boston crowd.  Also on the card, a returning Edge wins the WWE Championship from HHH.

2009 – John Cena cements his legacy by single handily defeating DX to retain his title.

2010 – Pure drama unfolds as Cena gets fired by not helping Wade Barrett in his match with Randy Orton.  The real story unfolds the following night as The Miz cashes in the MITB for the championship.

2011 – The Rock returns to tag with Cena in front of a red-hot MSG crowd.

2012 – The Shield Debuts helping CM Punk retain the WWE title.

2013 – A largely forgettable event, that did see CM Punk tag with Daniel Bryan, but little else of note.

2014 – Here comes the Man Known as STING!

2015 – An open tournament for the WWE Title see’s Romans Reigns finally grab the gold, only to lose it moments later when Sheamus cashes in his MITB.

2016 – The Team Smackdown vs Team Raw match goes nearly an hour, and then Goldberg defeats Brock Lesnar in less then two minutes in a night perfectly booked! 




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