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NXT War Games Recap and Reaction

By: Morgan Atland

Kassius Ohno vs Lars Sullivan –

The match starts quick with Sullivan taking control. In a battle of strength vs agility, it is clear to see which wrestler dominates which field. It is only when Ohno dodges Sullivan’s dive from the top rope that he is able to deliver a series of shots that levels the playing field within the match. The two play well on these strengths, using them to guide the match. Sullivan gets the three count, and the crowd becomes eager for the rest of the night to unfold.

Alistar Black vs Velveteen Dream –

Labeled as the battle of opposites, it is made clear that no title is more fitting. Black keeps Dream on his toes as he goes for various holds in the starts of the match. Freeing himself by grasping the rope, Dream shows great ring awareness. Black attempts to get in the head of his opponent by sitting down in the middle of the ring. Dream copies Black’s action, and Black moves in closer and catches his opponent off guard. The perfect utilization of in ring psychology elevates the match as a whole. The best move of  the match, Dream’s Modified DDT to Black is jaw dropping. Tiring Dream out, Black is able to strike Dream with the Black Mass and obtain the three count. Their encounter was not over however, as Black acknowledge Dream before exiting the ring, giving both men a win.

Nikki Cross vs Kairi Sane vs Peyton Royce vs Ember Moon Woman’s Fatal Four Way –

Early on in the match it is clear that no one competitor would focus their attention on one opponent. Everyone was on alert to anyone who would stand in their way. Moon demonstrates this as she perfectly times a dodge, allowing Sane’s spear to connect to Royce. As the three fight for control, Cross jumps from the ropes and lands on the three. No one is safe. Sane landing the insane elbow and the savagery of Cross are a few more of the highlights from the battle. Moon hits both Cross and Royce with an Eclipse and gets the three count on Cross. Asuka, the former NXT Woman’s Champion, makes her way into the ring to congratulate her former opponent and give her the title she has earned.

Andrade “Cien” Alamas with Zelina Vega vs Drew McIntyre NXT Champion Match –

McIntyre brings the front head on, where Alamas goes for various quick shots that allow his to take control. McIntyre performs various escape attempts, but is not successful until he suplexes his opponent across the ring, a clear highlight of the event. Alamas apply great intelligence over his opponent, targeting his left arm and using the ring as a weapon. Vega’s involvement in the match is also a great feature, as her hurricanranas proved she was just as fierce a competitor as the two in the ring. In the end, the effort of Vega and Alamas’ finally pays off as Alamas delivers one final DDT and becomes victorious to win the title.

Sanity (Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young and Killian Dane) vs  the Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly) vs The Author’s of Pain (Akam and Rezar) with Roderick Strong 

War Games –

A match that has been ignored for years, War Games reemerges gloriously. Strong and the Authors of Pain show great teamwork, best displayed when Strong is thrown by his team into all of his other opponents. Wolfe changes the tone of the match by bringing in a billyclub as Dane throws in additional weapons, such as trash cans and chairs, into the ring. In terms of brutality and strategic hits, no other match comes close. Dane and Young both end up bloody and Wolfe busts open his head. All nine men get their moments to shine, lashing out against multiple opponents, leaving piles of victims in their wake. The Authors of Pain delivering the Twin Towers of Doom and Strong hitting Cole with a superplex from the top of the cage are the main features of the main event. The match culminates into an intense fury of blows in which no one has time to go for the pin. The original three face off once again, and Cole gets the pin on Young. A good end to an unbelievable match.

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