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The Big Show: The Worst Booked Career In Pro Wrestling History!

The Giants Debuts as a heel in July of 1995 with WCW by stalking Hulk Hogan.

By mid-’96 The Giant is suddenly a face as he takes down heel champion Ric Flair.

During this same stretch he is also fighting with the likes of Sting and Luger, both giant faces at the time which turns him right back to being a heel.

He was a face against a heel Hogan in their World title match at Hog Wild 96 as he defended the honor of WCW.

Giant turns heel and joins the NWO weeks after losing the World title to Hogan. August of ’96.

Four months later Giant is kicked out of the NWO to start a face turn.

Giant joins NWO Hollywood, thus turning heel in the spring of 1998.

January ’99. The week after the Fingerpoke of Doom. Giant is kicked out of the NWO again and becomes a face for his last two weeks of his WCW tenure.

The WWE career would then begin!

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