A Chance To Combine Your Company With The Cleveland Browns This Season

CLEVELAND— NEOSI has long been known as the go-to source for Cleveland Browns Football coverage in Northeast Ohio. With that being said, your company now has the chance to be the sponsor of our Cleveland Browns football coverage this upcoming football season. Training camp will be here soon, and you won’t want to miss out on any of the action.

We will be covering every pre-season and regular season game and we want to begin every single article we write on the Browns with an ad for your company. We routinely write no less than two articles for each game, a preview and then a recap. At the very least, your company is looking at 40 articles for one low cost. The exposure is massive and worth every penny.

For more details on how we will go about doing that and our extensive plan to promote local companies, simply read below and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Who Are We?

NEO Sports Insiders is one of the largest sports network’s in the state of Ohio. The reason for our rapid growth is our commitment to every team and school on every level in all of Ohio not just the “Big Four.” NEOSI has the most extensive coverage of Browns, Indians, Cavs, Buckeyes, and high school sports you will find.

We have also been called “The go-to source for high school sports.” We cover ALL areas of sports such as MMA, Boxing, Soccer, College Hoops, Minor League Baseball and several other area’s that separate us from “the other guys.”

Our Plan to promote you:

Over the last 28 months we have partnered with over 31 different companies in each walk of business to help build their brand and gain them exposure by attaching our articles on popular subjects to an advertisement for them at the start of each article.

We let you pick whatever sport or team you want, and each time we start an article about that team or subject, it begins with an ad for your company. The reader cannot read the article until they see your ad. Also, we give you a 1,000 word feature on your company alone to begin the deal with a large banner.

Thus, you get multiple articles in which your company is attached too with a hyperlink ad at the beginning of the article, as well as the full-length feature add on your company. We also place your company logo on our main page for all of 2018 with a hyperlink back to your website, when the reader scrolls on it. Each platinum package comes with a silver package for free! Thus, you get twice the amount of advertisements for FREE!

The Bottom Line!

For very little cost, you get massive exposure and over 25 categories to choose from. We partner your company with a sport or subject of your choosing, that will allow potential customers to flock to your location, website, and buying from you within minutes. You also get FREE storage in our online store and we will never take a dime of commission. You sell it, it is yours to keep, every penny!

Email Vince McKee at coachvin14@yahoo.com and we can work it out. Prices are negotiable.

About the Author

Vince McKee
Vince McKee is a growing force in the sports literary world. He has written seven books on Cleveland Sports. They have all helped to build his credibility as a top-notch chronicler of the impact of Ohio sports. Vince has done freelance work as the MMA correspondent for InscriberMag: Digital Magazine as well as a Beat Reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer & The Medina Gazette. His work has been featured on Drennan Live, SLAM Magazine, The Magic 105.7 Morning show, ESPN radio and over 25 local papers, tv stations and radio programs. Despite his personal connection with Bill Belichick, one of the worst moments of Vince’s young life was watching his beloved Browns leave town only weeks after the Indians lost the World Series in 1995. Vince is a life long Cleveland sports fan and enjoys spending lots of time with his wife Emily and daughter Maggie.

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